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Bangles, Wedding Bangles, Bangles of Wedding Ocassion

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 04 Apr, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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Bangles are one of the important items of the Unique Wedding Services. Whatever category your wedding may be of, you can easily choose the set of the Bangles that you will wear on the occasion of your wedding ceremony. The Bangles of varied designs and lots of styles are so beautiful that they will easily attract you and make you own them. The bride who is supposed to be the center stage of the wedding ceremony, can strike the winning appearance by dint of Bangles.

Bangles are very important in the Punjabi Weddings. One important part of the rituals in the Panjubi weddings is the Bangles ceremony that is called the `Churha`. The matternal uncle of the bride helps her put on the red and white Bangles. These ceremonial Bangles are called the `Mama Chura`. Thin silver or gold chains are often tied to the Bangles heightening the show of the Bangles.

The Wedding Bangles are no less important than the other gold jeweleries, or the Mehendi paintings of the bride. In fact, the Bangles add to the beauty of the bride that she acquires by dint of the other ornaments, the Mehendi, or even the designer dresses that she gas put on. If a little attention is paid to the proper choice of the types and styles of the Bangles, the bride will be the queen of the occasion with her stunning appearance that has been artistically enriched by the selection of the Bangles.

The Bangles, even from the ancient times, have been taken to be very important, specially as one of the wedding ornaments. Even in songs, poems, lyrics, and even in paintings the Wedding Bangles are said to be one of the most beautiful ornaments of the brides. In fact the Bangles are the traditional ornaments for the brides in India.

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