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Cruise in Fiordland,Fiordland Cruise,Fiordland Tours

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Cruise in Fiordland ranks among the well known honeymoon cruise tours in New Zealand. Fiordland is a region which is located in the South Island. The place is home to various scenic landscapes. The scenic beauty and the serene and calm atmosphere have led to the popularity of Fiordland as a popular tourist destination. Cruise in Fiordland is one of the popular parts of the itinerary of Fiordland tours.

A wide range of Fiordland cruise trips are offered by the local tourist department and various other private travel agencies. Newly wed couples will really have a wonderful time by undertaking the cruise trips. There are luxury trips as well as budget trips. Travelers can choose their ideal trip from half day tours, single day tours, week end tours, week long tours or fortnight tours. Most of the tours are made in catamarans, water taxis or small ships.

Some of the popular trips of cruise in Fiordland that couples can opt for are:

Doubtful Sound Tours: Couples who wish to spend time amidst a serene and calm environment can undertake this tour. The tour starts from the main harbor and includes visit to the lovely islands and coral reefs. Couples can enjoy various types of recreation and entertainment activities on board. Travelers are served with complimentary breakfast and lunch.

Milford Sound Tours: The trips consist of visit to the beautiful Milford Sound area. The region is home to wide species of marine flora and fauna. There are also provisions of various types of water sports in the beaches. Travelers can catch a glimpse of various marine animals like Fiordland Crested Penguin, dolphins and seals.

Encounter Nature Cruise: The trip consists of visit to the small islands around Milford Sound. The islands are known for their scenic beauty and charm. The wildlife reserves in the islands are home to various species of marine flora and fauna. There are guides who accompany the tourists and pass on useful information about the characteristics of the islands.

Apart from these, couples can also opt for holiday cruises from Fiordland to various other places like Dunedin, Auckland, Christchurch, and Queenstown and so on. Most of these trips are week long tours or fortnight trips.

For a honeymoon full of enjoyment, couples can embark on Cruise in Fiordland.

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