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Sangeet, Sangeet party, Occasion of Sangeet Party

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 03 Apr, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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The most enjoyable one of all the Special Wedding Occasions, is the Sangeet or the Sangeet Party. In almost all the cases, the participants in the Sangeet party are the women relatives and the friends of the bride. According to the wedding rituals of some particular sections of people, the most important wedding ritual is Sangeet, even more important than Mehendi. No other wedding occasion is so fun producing as the Sangeet party.

Sangeet parties are also held jointly by the families of the bride as well as the groom. In those cases enjoyment reaches the peak. The occasion of Sangeet party offers an opportunity to enrich the mirth of the Wedding event. All of the friends and the family members of the bride and the groom can sing away the night.

In a Sangeet party, the songs are usually accompanied by dances. The enthusiastic friends and relatives start dancing with the songs adding a new flavor to the Sangeet party. The guests and even others can eat or drink when this Sangeet party is going on. The Gujarati people and the Punjabi people are very crazy about this Sangeet party. Anyone cannot but be amazed and amused to see the enthusiasm and the enjoyment with which they celebrate the Sangeet party. The Sangeet parties are generally held in a big hall where the atmosphere with colorful decoration and the floral fragrance, is quite apt for enjoyment and merry making.

In earlier days the Sangeet party used to continue for long ten days. With years passing, people could no more afford to spend so much of time for this occasion. Moreover, it was realized that the occasion is sure to lose its charm if it is going to continue for a strenuously long time. As soon as it became a one night occasion, its charm reached a different peak.

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