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Marathi Wedding, Marathi Marriage, Maharashtrian Wedding

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 03 Apr, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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In India, the beautiful occasion of Wedding is celebrated in several different ways, since India has a diverse range of cultures, religions and traditions. Of the many Indian wedding rituals and customs, the Marathi wedding is one type of wedding that is followed by the people of Maharashtra. Typically, a Marathi wedding is held in the morning. One of the most important aspects of the Maharashtrian wedding matching the stars of the would be bride and groom.

Following are the rituals that are followed in a Marathi marriage:

Pre wedding rituals:
First step is the Sakhar Puda where a packet of sugar is exchanged by the families of the bride and the groom to mark the engagement. Then comes the Wang Nischay when th formal engagement ceremony is held. A puja called the kuldevta-pujan is performed by a priest. Next is the Haldi Chadawat just before the day of the Marathi wedding. Turmeric is applied by mango leaves to the bride and the groom in their respective houses.

Wedding day rituals:
The first step on the Marathi wedding day is the Ganesh Puja where in the morning, Lord Ganesh is worshipped and offered prayers. It is followed by the Seeman Puja when the groom and his family, friends and relatives arrive at the wedding venue, and they are welcomed by the brides family. Then the grooms feet is washed by the brides parents and he is showered with gifts. After this, is the Ceremonial Breakfast where the brides parents treat the guests with a lavish breakfast. Just as the groom haves his breakfast the bride performs a ritual called the Gowrihar Puja. Then she is taken to the mandap by her maternal uncle and a silk partition separates the bride and the groom. After the partition is removed unbroken rice is showered over the couple. Then the father hands over his daughter to the groom and they exchange vows and take 7 rounds around the ceremonial fire.

Post wedding rituals:
A reception is held and sweets are distributed by the newly wed couple. Then is the Grihapravesh as they newly weds enter the grooms home.

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amruta304 (2 Years ago)

pl. give the tips for hair in Marathi lag.

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mailo (2 Years ago)

plz give personality development tips in marathi

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mdchaskar (2 Years ago)

Very nicely described the nature of traditional Marathi wedding ceremony. Keep it up.

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kiran15 (2 Years ago)

i like marathi songs

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