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Puja Kits, Puja Kits for Marriage, Puja Kits for Wedding

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 03 Apr, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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The wedding day is regarded as one of the most important days in the life of the man and the woman who are getting married. This is an auspicious occasion that is celebrated with friends, family and relatives and this day unites a man and a woman in the bonding of love and togetherness. In India, weddings are celebrated in different ways. The wedding traditions and customs vary from one religion to the other and with India where so many religions exist together, there are different types of customs and rituals are followed amongst the various Indian communities. A wedding ceremony is also the time to get together with everyone and participate whole heartedly in this joyous occasion lifting up the spirit of the bride and the groom. In India, one of the most important customs that is followed during marriage is to offer prayers to the God, for the welfare of the newly weds. These days several puja kits are available in the market which contain all the things required for the puja. These puja kits for wedding are specially made for the occasion and are complete with the full set of the necessary items that are required for the puja.

The puja kits are one of the most important types of wedding kits and prove very useful during the time of the pujas. There are separate puja kits for marriage available for the Marwaris, Bengalis, Punjabis, South Indians, Gujaratis, Marathis and rest of the other communities. The puja ceremony or the worship of God is an important aspect in all kinds of weddings in India, however the deity varies from one community to the others and so do the customs and rituals. These puja kits contain all the items like incense sticks packs, holy book of mantras, thali or the plate which contains all the important ingredients for the puja like Tilak which can be made of turmeric paste, sandalwood paste, sindoor and other important things like rice, sacred grass and threads, oil, ghee are also there.

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