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Wedding Kits

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 12 Mar, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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Wedding is a very special occasion in our life. It entails a lot of preparation before the final day of marriage. Lots of plans and arrangements are made to solemnize this beautiful day without any hassle. In order to have a smooth wedding affair several aspects are to be kept in mind. Wedding kits help in the task of easy management of all wedding arrangements.

Classification of Wedding Kits

Wedding kits can broadly be classified into Bridal Kits, Puja Kits, Decoration Kits and Invitation Kits.
Bridal Kits
On the wedding day the appearance of the bride matters the most; she must look at her radiant best. Its a day when she becomes the centre of attraction; she needs to take care of all minute details of her look. Her wedding trousseau needs to be matched with the right kind of bangles, necklace, earrings, gajra and bindis. If you order for a bridal kit you get all bridal accessories like mehendi cones and design book, skin care products, jewelry and other bridal accessories at your convenience.

Puja Kits
Marriage is no doubt a holy and religious; blessing of the Lord is sought by the newly wed. Arrangement of puja thali is essential for the religious ceremonies and traditions.

Decoration Kits
Decoration of the wedding venue of the shaadi mandap is equally important. Flowers and decorative sculptures and showpieces lend grandeur to this festive affair. The entrance of the marriage venue is decorated with flowers, diyas and rice bulbs. Decoration kits have all these readymade for you; you place an order and get wedding decoration done easily.

Invitation Kits
Invitation is of great importance in a wedding. You need to send invitation cards to all your relatives, friends and social contacts. But it means that you have to rush off to the wedding card shops to select the card of your choice, get the wedding message printed and then send it to your contacts. But invitation kits are available on websites. You can choose from the online catalogue and customize the look, shape and message of the wedding card. There are blank wedding cards where you can fill up your wedding message. These cards are sometimes based on themes like Roses are Red and Soft Vines.

Wedding Agencies and Online Sites
There are many agencies throughout India as well as online sites which cater to all sorts of wedding requirements. You can take the help of experts and professionals in this field; they will do the work on your behalf, which relieves you from all tensions and worries. The online sites provide bridal kits, puja kits, decoration kits and wedding service kits. These wedding kits passes through quality control and are packed with great care, so that it can be shipped to the desired location in special cases and covers. They ensure that the products are delivered without any damage incurred.

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