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Invitation Card Décor, Wedding card decorations, decorations of invitation cards

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 02 Apr, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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Wedding is an auspicious event not just for the bridegroom, but also to two respective families. The mannerism and etiquette of Wedding Invitation pretty much set the vibe of the celebration. Just by eying the Invitation Card Décor, the guests can figure out the theme of the celebration that is about to kick off. Wedding card decorations have evolved a great deal from the past. In the Medieval times Invitation Card Décor was as primitive as it gets. It was only after the Second World War that people became more aware of the stylistic and innovative decorations of invitation cards.

Invitation cards are sent to guests for myriad purposes. There are Save the Date Cards, Kankotri, Wedding Invitation Cards, RSVP Cards, Reception Cards, Wedding Announcement Cards, Place Cards, Program Cards, Birthday Invitation Cards, Thank You Cards and many more. In India, cards related to marriage ceremonies include Registry Cards, Sangeet Cards, Mehendi Cards, Raas-Garba Cards, Cocktail Cards, Wedding Favors, Guest books and you just name it! When it comes to wedding, everyone in the household and friends look forward for the day with eager anticipation. They say that marriage is fixed in heaven, but arrangements are made over here to give the dreams a tangible form. Long before the wedding rituals start, Invitation Card Décor occupies the list of top-priority things to do. There are traditional decorations as well as designer ones. Finding the right sort of paper is the most important part as far as Invitation Card Décor is concerned. The paper has to be substantial and strong. Off-white papers are the most sought after ones used for wedding card decorations.

Handicraft also plays a major role in Invitation Card Décor. In case of Hindu Wedding, a touch of class, ethnicity and personal emotion can be attributed to the invitation cards by decorating them with handmade ribbons and artificial flowers, photos of the bride and bridegroom and so on. Customization can also be done by engraving pearls in golden hue. The font style and color may be set in stark contrast to the background texture and hue. Golden and orange designs are the commonest of all.

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