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Rajasthani Wedding Menus, Types of Rajasthani Wedding Menus

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 02 Apr, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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Food is one of the most important aspects of an Indian Wedding Traditions, so it becomes a matter of ones dignity to serve a large variety of cuisine that will favor every individuals tastes and preferences. The Rajasthani Wedding with lots of colors and vibrancy is not only about rituals and customs but also about lots of fun and feast. After the marriage ceremony all guests are invited for the Wedding Reception party and the Rajasthani Wedding Menus, with its variations and diversity are all put up on the long dinner table set up for the grand dinner party. Every country and community has its own traditional menu for the Special Wedding Occasions, and the Rajasthani Wedding Menus is known for its mouthwatering cuisine.

With the Rajasthani wedding season at its peak, booking of caterers and planning the Rajasthani Wedding Menus is one of the main Wedding Arrangements that needs to be made. The Rajasthanis are known for their hospitality, and their warmth and generosity can also be felt in the rich and spicy food that is made available at the dinner table. The food items listed in the Rajasthani Wedding Menus is always lip smacking and the guests should be able to get a taste of the delicious Indian flavor through the dishes served to the guests. Besides, the recipes of the Rajasthani food are said to be passed on by generations to generations, turning the flavor more delicious.

The Rajasthani Wedding Menus boasts of a tempting variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for the likening of all the wedding guests presents. In Rajasthan, the food is predominantly cooked in pure ghee and thus the aroma and taste of the different types of Rajasthani Wedding Menus will linger in your mouth long after you left the dining area. Besides, dry fruits, yogurt and spices are also used while cooking many dishes. The wedding cook will prepare the food with minimum of water and use more milk and buttermilk instead. Some famous Rajasthani Wedding Menus include Mewa Kachori, Dil jani, Malpuas, Ghevar, Mishri Mawa, Sohan Halwa and so on.

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