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Kashmiri Wedding Menus, Types of Kashmiri Wedding Menus

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 02 Apr, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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The Kashmiri Wedding is no longer just about rituals and customs, but it is also about lots of fun and feasting. Food is one of the main aspects of Indian wedding celebration, and one will find various types of Indian Wedding Menus in the different states of the country. After the marriage ceremony, all the guests are invited for the special Wedding Reception party for the special wedding dinner. The delectable Kashmiri flavored dishes have made Kashmiri cuisine quite popular all over the world. The Kashmiri Wedding Menus is all these are more. Kashmiris themselves are very fond of different types of food dishes and therefore they have created such delicacies that are simply irresistible and mouth watering. The Kashmiri Wedding Menus will leave you with no place of wanting more.

With the Kashmiri wedding season at its peak, booking of caterers and planning the Kashmiri Wedding Menus is one of the main Wedding Arrangements that needs to be made. The Kashmiris are known for their hospitality, and their warmth and generosity can also be felt in the rich and spicy food that is made available at the dinner table. The food items listed in the Kashmiri Wedding Menus is always lip smacking and the guests should be able to get a taste of the delicious Indian flavor through the dishes served to the guests. When the boy`s side of the family comes to the brides place, the Wazvan food is served which may consist of 30-35 dishes.

The Kashmiri Wedding Menus thus include 4 to 5 different types of chutneys, 4-5 chicken dishes, and many more mutton dishes. A special dish named mudjan i.e., sweet pulav is also served to the guests. Kehwa an herbal tea brewed in by copper pots is served with Shirmal a special type of Kashmiri Roti to the wedding guests. Besides that Mutton, chicken or fish are always seen on the main course of the Kashmiri Wedding Menus. Some pure vegetarian dishes served on the Special Wedding Occasions include dum-aloo - roasted potatoes in curd-based gravy, and chaman- fried paneer (cottage cheese), in a thick sauce.

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