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Indian Wedding Menus

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 11 Mar, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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Like the diverse Indian culture Indian wedding style also varies from one religion to anther. No wonder Indian wedding menus also varies depending upon race, geographical locations, communities and above all the diverse Indian palate. Indian wedding menu is a vital aspect to treat your guests in your wedding. Depending upon your taste and budget you can choose the menu according to your preference.

In present days there are many catering services who offer a wide selection of variety of Indian wedding menus for you to choose from. However, if you want to have traditional wedding then you can choose traditional Indian wedding menus also. Most of the Indian wedding menus are prepared using spices and chilli. Aromatic spices are the basic ingredients of most of the Indian wedding menus. Sweets are also inevitable part of menus. Be it a Bengali wedding or a South Indian wedding sweet is a must.

Quick facts about Indian wedding menus:

Plan your wedding menu according to the season. If you are marrying in winter you can serve your guests with seasonal fruit salads. Hot coffee/tea/ soup with paneer pakora or chicken pakora are good starters. A cold drink or juice is another option in starters if the wedding is in summer.
Plan for both for buffet style and sit-down arrangements.

Also keep a separate section for vegetarian and non vegetarian menus.

Bengali Indian wedding menus: Sweets are most essential part of Bengali wedding menus. Variety of home made and ready made sweets are available like `rasgoolla`, `malpoa`, `curd` and so on. Bengali wedding menus also include elaborative non vegetarian items specially fish preparation. Chicken and mutton are also delicacies in Bengali wedding. Many vegetarian items are also included in Bengali wedding menus.

South Indian wedding menus: Rasam and curd are the two chief items of south Indian wedding menus. Coconut rice, curd rice or lemon rice are generally the main course of the menu. Plain rice is also available. These are supplemented with Cabbage poriyal, Veg korma and pakora. Do not forget to taste Sambar, Chatni, Rasam and appalam. You can include ice cream in desserts along with sweets. dding Menus should be lip smacking and the guests should be able to get a taste of the delicious Indian flavor.

If you are planning for a theme wedding you can carefully plan for menus that aptly match with your theme. You can incorporate a medieval style feast with all the traditional Rajasthani dishes. A traditional Gujarati wedding menu will include a wide range of vegetarian delicacies. In starters you can expect samosa or dhokla. Chapatti, rice, daal, vegetable curries, buttermilk and yoghurt are common menus for Gujarati wedding.

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