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Pennsylvania, located in the Eastern United States is a great romantic destination for the Honeymooners. Honeymoon resorts in Pennsylvania can vary from a bed and breakfast type, country inn, cozy cabin, mountain resort, motel or historic places. Honeymoon Resorts in Pennsylvania cater right from arranging for flowers, chocolates, wine, massage, private picnics, dining reservations for providing the perfect ambience for your honeymoon.

Honeymoon Resorts in Pennsylvania are aplenty and fully furnished, well facilitated to offer a comfortable and memorable honeymoon to the newly wed couples. For a truly luxurious honeymoon, the Nemcolin Woodlands Resort would be an ideal choice. From luxorious boutiques housed in the Falling Rock, Chateau Lafayette offers European style hotels and for the living in the true English ambience check in to the The Lodge. All these accommodation have a spa, golf and variety of restaurants to make your stay even more luxurious and gratifying. Want to spend your honeymoon in a historic village - spending a day leisurely by mountain biking, kayaking or simply gazing into each others eyes at the Inn at Jim Thorpe in Carbon County. Check out a 150 year old English country manor house called the Hamanassett B&B, in Delaware County as your gateway for honeymoon. A huge sprawling house spread across 7 acres of land, English style of serving breakfast in china, silver and crystal in candle light. This could be an ideal location for romance and much needed privacy.

Another special gateway for honeymoon will be the Poconos Ski Resorts located below the Catskills. The Poconos Ski Resorts are set amongst the most idyllic locales full of lakes and mountains. They offer cabins, chalets and cottages set in the mountains for rentals too. Apart from indulging in love, one could spend the day skiing, golfing, camping, river rafting or indulge in a spa treatment followed by having a romantic dinner for the two of you

Honeymoon Resorts in Pennsylvania are a plenty and offer first class accommodation facilities at most scenic and breathtaking locations of nature. The best way to embark upon your honeymoon in Pennsylvania would be to drive through the mountains or the countryside to reach your honeymoon resort in Pennsylvania.

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