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Tasmania is surely one of the world`s most alluring islands and the quintessential beach destinations in the world. Take a weekend off and enjoy a fabulous honeymoon. Tasmania boasts of ancient shores, romantic getaways, desolate beaches and rainforests as also the excellent wine. Tasmania is also considered to be the best temperate island in the world. It is cut off from the mad rushes of city life and is thriving with beautiful intimate accommodations.

Tasmania has many good resorts ideal for the couples.

Cradle Mountain Lodge has a warm and rustic feel to it which is an amazing feeling in itself. It is situated in the wilderness of Tasmania at the edge of the Cradle Mountain or St Clair National Park. This has been listed amongst the World Heritage listings. You can take a romantic walk through one of the few remaining rainforests while gorging on the eclectic food and wine of Tasmania at the Lodge`s Highland Restaurant. You can then retreat into the cozy comforts of the cabin with the fireplace.

Just two kilometers north of Bicheno, The Diamond Island Resort has fully self-contained, furnished apartments that have an excellent view of the coast. It`s almost unbelievable that one can have such proximity to the coast and stroll through the beautiful garden. There is a colony where fairy penguins live and there is a private beach that is full with an exotic island. The Wineglass Bay and the remarkable township of Coles Bay is close to the Diamond Island. If you are looking for some vintage romance, then Kilmarnock House is the perfect escapade. The antiquated heritage features such marvels as a Blackwood staircase rails, stained glass windows, cornice work combined with the 1900`s locally crafted furniture.

Kilmarnock House`s is a Bed and Breakfast, heritage accommodation that conveys the charm and elegance of a by-gone era, whilst offering classy 4 star ensuite accommodation to the astute visitor to Launceston. The house has many rooms catering to the family and honeymoon rooms. The honeymoon suite is a cozy, old-world room with a very comfortable cot. The room is suggestive of the honeymoon ambience because of the dominance of bright colors such as pink. Set out for the charm of Tasmania and have an unforgettable honeymoon.

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