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Honeymoon in Valparaiso,Honeymoon at Valparaiso,Valparaiso Honeymoon

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If you are looking for a romantic retreat after marriage, then plan your Honeymoon in Valparaiso. This city is located at the central region of Chile. It is a preferred honeymoon destination among newly wed couples because of the bohemian culture, bright colored houses, natural beauty and the amazing seaside locales. Honeymoon in Valparaiso will be an enthralling experience, which you will cherish forever.

Places of attractions in Valparaiso

Considered as one of the most prominent honeymoon destinations in South America, it is dotted with number of tourist hotspots. There are a number of places of attraction, which are truly a romantic retreat. Some of the interesting places, which you can visit, include the following:
  • Cerros Alegre and Concepción
  • Banking area
  • Plaza Echaurren
  • La Sebastiana
  • Cerro Cordillera
  • Ex Cárcel
  • Paseo 21 de Mayo
  • La Matriz Church and surroundings
  • Ascensores
Things to do in Valparaiso

Recognized as one of the major honeymoon destinations in the world, it offers various options to get indulged. Valparaiso has the most vibrant and happening night life. There are a number of bars, night clubs and discos, where you can enjoy all your night away. Some of the prominent night life destinations are Barcelona, Club El Cielo, Balmeceda, La Torre, Bar El Playa, Mascara and many others. There are a number of restaurants, where you can taste some authentic delicacies.

Shopping in Valparaiso

During you trip of honeymoon in Valparaiso, you can go on a shopping spree. There are large number of shopping malls and department stores that sells various interesting items. You can collect number of souvenirs for your loved ones. Shopping during honeymoon is an important activity, which will give you immense pleasure.

Hotels in Valparaiso

During your honeymoon in Valparaiso, you will find various categories of hotels to suit your taste and budget. There are a wide range of accommodation options, where you can put up a stay. Some of the important hotels are the following:
  • Hospedage Brasil
  • Hostel el Yoyo
  • Hostal Pilcomayo
  • Casa Adventura
  • Hostal Caracol
Make your honeymoon in Valparaiso a memorable experience, which you can cherish forever.

How to reach Valparaiso

Honeymoon at Valparaiso will be an amazing experience because of the convenient transportation network. Getting to this place is not at all a problem. You can avail the Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport in Santiago, to get to this favored honeymoon destination. You can also avail train, car, bus and boat to reach Valparaiso. Valparaiso honeymoon will be made an amazing experience because of the excellent modes of transportation.

Plan for your Honeymoon in Valparaiso and make it an affair to remember.

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