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Honeymoon in Geneva,Honeymoon Destinations,Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 28 Mar, 2011 LIFESTYLE  TRAVEL & DINING  

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Honeymoon in Geneva will give the honeymooners a host of opportunities to witness many different tourist attractions. Every year over a thousand couples celebrate their honeymoon in Geneva.

Geneva is located on the banks of Lake Geneva at the foothills of Mount Alps. Geneva is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. It attracts a huge number of tourists from different parts of the world.

Geneva is a lovely town which is very popular for its natural beauty. The town boasts of an excellent public transport system and a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. United Nations has its European headquarters in Geneva. This makes Geneva one of the most important cities in the whole of Europe. This Swiss city can be visited anytime in a year.

There are a vast number of things to see when you honeymoon in Geneva. Geneva is the proud home to a large number of museums. The city has more than forty-five public and private museums in this city. These museums introduce the tourists to number of interesting historical and natural objects.

The couples can visit the Archaeological Site of Saint Peter`s Cathedral, Natural History Museum, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, Art and History Museum, Rath Museum, MAMCO, Ariana Museum, Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and Martin Bodmer Foundation.

The city also has a huge number of parks and gardens. Geneva is filled with various natural splendors. These picturesque landscapes draw thousands of tourists each year.

Your honeymoon in Geneva will most likely take you all the way to Rousseau Island. This island is undeniably one of the most romantic destinations in Geneva. The river of Le Rhone surrounds this island. This island has emerged as one of the most sought after hot spots for honeymoon couples.

The honeymoon couple will have a lot to look forward to in terms of recreational activities. From water sports like swimming, skiing, river rafting, kayaking, cruising to on land adventure like hiking, walking, horse riding, cycling and many others, Geneva is a land of umpteen opportunities.

Geneva is also home to a wide range of restaurants. The restaurants in Geneva serve excellent local and international cuisines. The bars boast of an impressive selection of wines from different parts of the world. They have wines from places like France, Australia and South Africa.

You can also shop till you drop on during your honeymoon in Geneva. This place is truly breathtaking.

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