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Honeymoon in Denmark,Honeymoon Destinations in Denmark,Attractions of Denmark

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Honeymoon in Denmark will leave memories that you will cherish in your lifetime. Denmark is one of the hot favorite honeymoon destinations in Europe for newly wedded couples. With its splendid castles, mountains, valleys and beaches you are promised a lovely honeymoon in Denmark.

Information about Denmark

Denmark is a beautiful country nestled in the Scandinavian region, towards the northern part of Europe. It sits on the peninsula of Jutland, surrounded by the North Sea as well as the Baltic Sea. The country is home to many islands like Zealand and Funen. An interesting feature of the islands is that they are connected by bridges. Copenhagen is the national capital. It is one of the romantic cities in Denmark.

Best time to visit Denmark

The best time to go for a honeymoon in Denmark is during the months from late June to August. The hotels are less expensive at this time of the year. The beaches are inviting for a sunbath and a swim. At this time you will get to watch open-air concerts. You can also choose to visit Denmark during May- early June.

Attractions of Denmark

Denmark is home to amusement parks, forts, castles, museums, monuments, parks and various World Heritage Sites. The top attractions in Denmark include the Faroe Islands; Egeskov Castle; Jelling Stones and Mounds; Kronborg Castle in Helsingor; Legoland in Billund; Hans Christian Anderson Museum in Odense; The Viking Museum in Roskilde.

During your honeymoon in Denmark a visit to the Egeskov Castle and the Kronborg Castle are a must. Egeskov Castle, an example of Renaissance styled architecture, was built in the year 1554. It stands on a foundation consisting of numerous piles of oak trees spread over in a lake. The castle houses a 36-acre park which is home to many beautifully landscaped gardens like the cottage garden and the Fuchia Garden.

The Faroe Islands situated 800 miles away from the city of Copenhagen, offers the ideal romantic getaway in Denmark. The island is nestled in the North Atlantic Ocean, between Norway and Iceland. The islands are landscaped by a string of mystifying waterfalls, fjords and green mountains. You will find here many old farmhouses, beach-alcoved fishing villages and churches built in medieval times. The beaches and forests of the islands offer ample opportunities to indulge in a variety of activities like swimming, surfing, hiking, birdwatching and trekking. The Kronborg Castle also built in the Renaissance style is tucked atop a hill. It was built in 15th century. A tour inside the castle will take you through King and Queen`s chambers, ballrooms and dark dungeons.

Hotels in Denmark

Denmark offers a wide array of hotels which will make your honeymoon in Denmark enjoyable. Some of the most sought-after hotels in Copenhagen are Hotel Skt Petri, Hotel Kong Arthur, Front Hotel and Clarion Hotel Neptun.

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