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Honeymoon in Tikehau,Honeymoon Destinations in Tahiti

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 27 Mar, 2011 LIFESTYLE  TRAVEL & DINING  

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Honeymoon in Tikehau in Tahiti is a grand idea today for couples all over the world. This place is ideal to make your vacation important and memorable. The environment of this region makes the atmosphere most romantic and appealing. Tikehau is actually a coral isle of Tuamotu Archipelago. This place is situated along the Palliser group, which is the westernmost part of Tuamotus. The nearest islet of Tikehau is Rangiroa. It is located only 12 kilometers away to the east. You can go to explore Mataiva, which is situated just 35 kilometers to the west, and Rangiroa while you are on honeymoon in Tikehau.

If you and your partner like to explore the beauty and splendor of nature during your tours, there is no other place to suit your choice other than Tikehau. This small heaven is special for the beautiful hills and widespread powdery white sandy beaches. The atmosphere is merely pure and impeccable. The long-stretched pristine beaches make the ideal ambience for you to begin your romantic day with your partner. So, honeymoon in Tikehau is very common to the newly married couples.

The oval-shaped islet is approximately 27 kilometers long and 19 km wide. This region is enclosed by incessant coral reef. This island comes with great profusion of fish and other aquatic life in the lagoon. The islands are encompassed with long coconut palms. This atoll is the home to around 407 inhabitants. The main village is Tuherahera. If you want to feel the real pleasure of village life, then come and spend some time in this village during your honeymoon in Tikehau. There are also some tourist resorts on Tikehau.

There are several interesting activities that you can enjoy when you spend your honeymoon in Tikehau. One of the major attractions of this place is the scope for scuba diving, diving and snorkeling. If you do not want to enjoy any of these adventurous activities, you can just sit leisurely on the powdery white sandy beach and look at the superb vista. The beachside ambience is marked by tranquility.

There are innumerable good resorts and hotels in Tikehau. Thus, you need not worry about accommodation while on honeymoon trip here. The resorts are strategically situated so that you can savor some beautiful vistas from your rooms. The rooms are also well equipped with all the contemporary facilities and services. Due to various attractions and superb lodging options, this place has become one of the most favored honeymoon destinations.

So, plan your honeymoon in Tikehau and have a great time there with your beloved.

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