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Honeymoon in Moorea,Moorea Honeymoon Holiday Packages,Honeymoon Destinations in Australia

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 27 Mar, 2011 LIFESTYLE  TRAVEL & DINING  

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Moorea is popularly known as the "Magical Island". The serrated peaks of the mountain surrounded by the tranquil waters are sure to draw the attention of travelers. The mirror image of the volcanic peaks are found on the waters of the Cook`s Bay and the Opunohu`s Bay. Walking on the white sand beaches would be a lovely experience for the honeymooners.

There are a number of lodging options in the island of Moorea. The Tahitian-style hotels are wonderful and offer you warm welcome. Some of the hotels also shower with you special activities and fun activities too. Some of the lodging options in Moorea islands include Moorea InterContinental Resort & Spa, Moorea Sheraton, Hotel Hibiscus and the Les Tipaniers.

There are several activities for the travelers and honeymooners to spend a day. Enjoy a ride on the boat, horse riding and parasailing. You can pay a visit to the cascading waterfalls, do hiking and visit the unoccupied isles. There are special options of cruising arranged by some of the hotels.

There are numerous tour operators throughout the island of Moorea. Honeymooners can enjoy some of the best vacation packages available to them. There are special packages like Honeymoon in Paradise, Romantic Moments Honeymoon Tours, Havenly Honeymoon Tours and Island Rhapsody Honeymoon Tour Package.

Honeymoon in Moorea will be a wonderful experience and the packages include bottles of champagnes, romantic music and health club facilities. Honeymooners can also enjoy golfing in the lush courses of the spectacular island. This garden of permanent flowers is a paradise for the honeymooners. The beautiful vanilla plantation, pineapple plants and the grapefruit gardens charms honeymooners. Involve yourself in some kind of snorkeling and scuba diving. Explore the coral reefs and tropical fishes in the ocean.

Enjoy honeymoon in Moorea and make it a memorable experience. The lovely surroundings, the quality hotels and packages offered by tour operators make your romantic holiday a wonderful experience.

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