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Honeymoon in Aleppey (Alappuzha), Kerala,Honeymoon Destinations in Asia,Honeymoon in Aleppey (Alappuzha) in Kerala

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Honeymoon in Aleppey (Alappuzha), Kerala will be full of fun and excitement. Honeymoon in Aleppey (Alappuzha), Kerala is enjoyed by honeymooners from various corners of the world.

While you are on your honeymoon in Aleppey (Alappuzha), Kerala you can tour the Krishnapuram Palace. The sightseeing attraction is located at a distance of about 47 kilometers from Alappuzha. Visit the Krishnapuram Palace to see the Kerala style of architecture. There are gabled roofs, dormer windows and narrow corridors in this location.

The Archaeology department has wonderfully preserved the Krishnapuram Palace. The Krishnapuram Palace is an archaeological museum which is worth paying a visit. In the magnificent palace you will get to see beautiful murals. In this museum, you will also get to see various antique bronze sculptures as well as beautiful paintings.

While you are on your honeymoon in Aleppey (Alappuzha), Kerala you can enjoy the snake-boat race. Tourists from various parts of the world come to Aleppey to take part in the snake-boat race. The Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race is organized once a year in the month of August.

The locals participate with great enthusiasm in the snake-boat races. If you want you can hire a houseboat and enjoy the snake-boat race from there. Some of the well-known boat races are Payippad Jalotsavam and Champakulam Moolam.

Other popular sightseeing place which you can tour while you are on your honeymoon in Aleppey (Alappuzha), Kerala is Pathiramanal. Pathiramanal is known for its several rare migratory birds. Migratory birds from various corners of the world come to Pathiramanal each and every year. The island is located in between Thaneermukkom and Kumarakom.

R-Block is the other popular sightseeing spots which you can visit during your honeymoon in Aleppey (Alappuzha) in Kerala. R-Block is popular far and wide for its backwaters. The tourists can enjoy beautiful views of paddy fields from this location. In R-Block farming is done under the sea level. Aleppey (Alappuzha) is easily accessible by any means of transportation. The airport located near Aleppey (Alappuzha) is only 95 kilometers away from here. Aleppey is also provided with good railways as well as roadways connection.

There are many luxury hotels in Aleppey (Alappuzha). Some of them are:
  • Bamboostix Island Resort
  • Orient Venice Inn
  • Coco Houseboats
  • Hotel Royale Park
  • Malayalam Resort
There are various other popular honeymoon destinations in Asia like:
  • Ujjain
  • Andaman & Nicobar Islands
  • Kaziranga
  • Varkala
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Cheju Island
  • Myanmar
  • Chilka Lake
  • Puri
Thus, honeymoon in Aleppey (Alappuzha), Kerala is famous far and wide.

To know more about Honeymoon in Aleppey (Alappuzha), Kerala log on to shaadihub.com.

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