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Honeymoon in Egypt,Honeymoon Destinations in Africa

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 22 Mar, 2011 LIFESTYLE  TRAVEL & DINING  

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Honeymoon in Egypt is extremely fascinating as it takes the newly-weds from one enriching experience to another. There is no doubt that you will simply be charmed by the beauty of the pyramids at sunset. Have a look at the awe-inspiring monuments at Abu Simbel and experience the majesty of a cruise on the Nile with your beloved. So how about planning a honeymoon in Egypt?

Transport and Climate of Egypt

Travelers who are interested in going for a honeymoon at Egypt must visit during November to February.

Couples can get in to Egypt by catching a flight or taking a bus or a ferry. There are a number of airports in Egypt such as the Cairo International Airport. You can also avail the bus-service from Israel and Jordan.

Tourist Attractions in Egypt

Egypt is so rich with natural treasures and wonders from various ancient civilizations that it is considered as one of the largest outdoor museums of the world. In your sightseeing tour you must make a trip to cities like Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Abu Simbel, Hurghada and Luxor.

Cairo is the capital and welcomes you to ancient culture, museums, mud-brick houses along with happening clubs, golf courses and restaurants. Egyptian Antiquities Museum, Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Abu Sir Pyramids, Manial Palace Museum and various other tourist attractions offer you with a glimpse into the rich historical tradition of Egypt.

Giza is famous for the Pyramids and the Sphinx. These monuments have been listed as World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO. In Abu Simbel make a trip to Temple of Hathor and Temple of Re-Harakhte.

Hurghada is famous for its beaches, nightclubs and casinos. This region is also home to the ruins of Roman Mons Porphyrites, Giftun Island and the Aquarium near the Red Sea.

Egypt`s serene desert is perfect for a romantic moonlit evening along with belly dancers to entertain you and your ladylove. These surely add an extra flavor to your Honeymoon in Egypt.

Entertainments in Egypt

Take your beloved for a shopping in the Citystars Mall and gift her a unique diamond jewelry. Treat yourself with some great seafood dishes in the famous restaurants. Also have a taste of the classic Falafel, a world-famous Egyptian dish.

Spice up your honeymoon by going for diving, boating and snorkeling in Sidi Abdel Rahman beach, Sidi Kir beach and other lively beaches in Hurghada.

Don`t forget to pamper your taste buds with the sumptuous dinners in the luxurious cruises while sailing in the daytime on the River Nile to Luxor.

For all relevant information on honeymoon in Egypt log on to shadihub.com.

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