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The In-laws,The In-laws - The Hollywood Film,Films on Wedding

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The In-laws is considered as one of the must see movies for every movie lover. It is one of the best Hollywood movies on wedding which was made with much care and concern. The movie received a grand and wide opening and loved by all. The filmmaker Andrew Fleming succeeded in making a nice movie on wedding. The In-laws depicts the story of a wedding and relationship between two fathers-in-law who are completely opposite in character.

The In-laws tells the story of two fathers-in-law who have contrasting characters. Steve Tobias and Jerry Peyser are the two people who meet at the event to celebrate the upcoming marriage of their children. At their first meeting they were not at all impressed. Jerry Peyser is a doctor and leads a very well organized life. He is a fun loving person and wants to have a life without stress and other tensions.

On the other hand Steve Tobias is a daring CIA officer who leads an exciting lifestyle catching criminals, smugglers and other anti-socials. His life is full of hard hitting incidents facing international anti-socials and dodging bullets. When the father of the bride, Jerry Peyser, comes across and interacts with this person, he gets terribly scared and doubts whether his daughter can manage to live life with them. He was scared about the fact his daughter might not adjust with the family of Steve Tobias.

The father of the bride wants a perfect wedding ceremony for his beloved daughter. As the very day comes closer, the two families, who come from two completely different worlds, collide. The entire incident and chaos created are depicted in a light comedy style.

The story and the way it is treated are the main highlights of the movie The In-laws. The interesting making of the film has made it one of the biggest Hollywood films on wedding. The story was written by Ed Solomon, Nat Mauldin, Terry Dodd, Jeffrey Hammond and Andrew Fleming. The producers of the film include Tracee Stanley, Andrew Stevens, Oliver Hengst, Joel Simon and Elie Samaha.

The cast and crew of The In-laws include Michael Douglas, Albert Brooks, Robin Tunney, Ryan Reynolds, Candice Bergen, David Suchet, Lindsay Sloane, Maria Ricossa, Vladimir Radian and Michael Bodnar.

Released in 2003, The In-laws was earlier made in 1979 as well. Thus, the film is a favorite among audiences of different generations.

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