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Fools Rush in,Films on Wedding

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 11 Mar, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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`Fools Rush in` is an excellent Hollywood film on wedding. Essentially a romantic film, `Fools Rush in` is a love story of a man from Manhattan and a Mexican-American woman. The story narrates their love story that eventually culminates in marriage.

`Fools Rush in` hit the theaters in the year 1997. Significantly, this romantic film released on the day of love - Valentine`s Day. The film was produced by Columbia Pictures and directed by Andy Tennant. Notable actors Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek played the lead roles in the movie.

The story of `Fools Rush in` revolves around the lives of Alex Whitman (played by Matthew Perry) and Isabel Fuentes (enacted by Salma Hayek). Alex is a young and prudish construction supervisor, while Isabel is a photographer who has faith in the power of destiny. When Alex comes to Las Vegas for supervising a construction project, he comes across Isabel. The chemistry between them clicks instantly and they indulge in a one-night stand.

When Alex and Isabel meet three months later, he finds her pregnant. In the rush of the moment Alex follows her and proposes to Isabel. They decide to tie the knot. However, as life is never a cakewalk, problems did crop up. The customs and ideas of their respective families contradicted. Even the relationship between Alex and Isabel suffered a jolt due to their different cultural and national backgrounds. Eventually things do fall in place and the two lovers unite in marriage.

`Fools Rush in` is a romantic comedy that brilliantly portrayed the manner in which a casual night of passion between two people turns into the love of a lifetime. This 109-minute movie was well-liked by all kinds of audiences the world over, especially by the youth and romantic couples.

`Fools Rush in` was nominated for two awards at the ALMA Award in the year 1998. Actor Salma Hayek was nominated for the category `Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film`, while the movie was nominated as `Outstanding Feature Film`.

`Fools Rush in` is one of the finest romantic films made in Hollywood in the recent years. The film is definitely worth a watch.

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