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Bihari Wedding Customs, Custom of Wedding in Bihar

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 21 Mar, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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There are various events which the people in India celebrate and the occasion of marriage is one of them. The wedding of a relative or a friend is an exciting event for the people who attend it. The people get to spend some great celebratory momemts with well wishers and also congratulate the bride and groom on the occasion of their wedding. The Biharis, as the people who belong to the Indian state of Bihar are known, follow certain Bihari wedding customs. The details of Bihari wedding customs are provided below which any of the readers are likely to find very imformative as well as interesting.

The wedding customs which are followed in the country of India varies from one part of it to another. The country consists of people who belong to different faiths and culture. Thus one of the factors on which the Bihari wedding customs depend is the religion of the people who are getting married. Another factor which comes into play is the caste of the person, particularly if he or she follows the faith of Hinduism. The celebrations and the customs of the Bihari weddings depend on these are various other factors. Sending out invitation cards is one of the traditions which is followed in Bihar during a wedding.

The practise of Kanyadan is also followed by the Bihari Hindus. Kanyadan is an integral part of the different Bihari wedding customs. During the process of Kanyadan, the father of the bride places the hand of his daughter on the groom`s hand. The groom has to assure the father of the bride that he would take great care of his wife. The practise of presenting gifts to the couple is also part of the Bihari wedding customs.

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