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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 10 Mar, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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Since ages Bollywood is making a number of movies on wedding. A number of movies released in Bollywood which reflects the social customs and wedding rituals. Nikaah is one of the best wedding movies released in Bollywood in the year 1982. The movie directed by B R Chopra who is known for his mastery in making movies on social issues. His bold attempt to question the social customs and rituals is highly appreciated still today.

Nikaah is a wonderful movie which starred Deepak Parashar, Raj Babbar and Salma Agha. The film was the debut movie for Salma Agha. The Pakistani actress portrayed her excellence in both singing and acting. B R Chopra portrayed the ritual of divorcing in the Muslim community. Salma Agha plays a beautiful Muslim girl in the movie, Niloufer who falls in love with Deepak, a foreign return business professional. Deepak Parashar (Wasim) bestows all his love to Niloufer.

Wasim gradually gets busy with all his business meets and fails to keep all his commitments to his wife. He even forgets his first anniversary. The quarrels on the anniversary lead to their divorce when out of anger; Wasim utters the word "Talaq" three times. Niloufer moves to a hostel and marries editor Afaque Siddiqui played by Raj Babbar. Both of them marry each other lives peacefully.

According to Muslim Marriage Laws, if a person divorces his wife, he cannot re marry her unless she gets married to another person and he divorces her. Wasim comes back to Niloufer`s life and requests Afaque Siddiqui to give her divorce. Afaque was fixed to her decision and did not give her a divorce. But Niloufer did not want her to be a playing game between two people. She leaves both of them and finally Wasim realizes his fault.

The film was a big hit in its time. The beautiful portrayal of the Muslim marriage ethics is highly appreciated till date. The music of movie was wonderful and Salma Agha was acclaimed for her song "dil ke armaan." She was also honored with the Filmfare Award in 1982. The film also won the award for Best Dialogue.

The lovely story and wonderful music made Nikaah one of the best Bollywood wedding movies.

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