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Sterling Affair

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 20 Mar, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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Sterling Affair is one of the popular event planning companies based in New York. The prestigious organization has been providing services for several years. Sterling Affair has become a renowned significant name in service catering and event management. One can rely upon Sterling Affair to have a successful and gala event in his or her wedding. The popular event management organization offers impeccable services regarding any kind of event and functions.

The company manly highlights on some of the most popular aspects of any event like food, atmosphere and services. Sterling Affair, the wedding planner live up to your expectation by catering to your needs. There are expert and experienced staff and employees who are able to satisfy varied needs of varied customers. They carefully maintain the balance between the need of customers and their fulfillment by understanding their minds.

The expert professionals meet their clients and try to read their mind and understand the style statement. On the basis of their requirement, they provide services and facilities in various respects. They share a good relationship with clients. It is renowned for serving exquisite dishes from several cuisines. The executive chef prepares variety of items starting from appetizers, entrees to desserts. Special menu for weddings are innovative which include exquisite delicacies from international flavors. There are international quality wines that are available for the guests. Bernard Norget is the executive chef who has been producing services for many years at the Sterling Affair.

Sterling Affair, the wedding planner is also noted for making an event a grand success. The entire event of wedding is designed with excellence and also maintains the highest standard. There can be open air ambiance or indoor events for your wedding and it will be arranged according to your wish. Sterling Affair in New York is a familiar name for organizing gala event and wedding reception. There is a wide range of venues and locations where the event is organized by Sterling Affair including historical and landmark buildings to museums and other interesting places. Some of the most popular and preferred venues in New York where the event is organized by Sterling Affair include:
  • Rexcorp Plaza
  • Italian Academy
  • Broad Street Ballroom
  • Helen Mills
  • 320 Park
  • Altman Building
  • Alvin Ailey Dance Studio
  • Americas Society
  • Brooklyn Public Library
  • Penthouse 15
  • St. Francis College
  • St. John Divine
  • Studio 450
  • Peter White Studios
  • Westside Loft
  • Whitney Museum
Among other wedding planners and event management companies in New York, Sterling Affair is one of the most popular and preferred ones, which offers the customers impeccable services.

For authentic information on Sterling Affair, visit shaadihub.com

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