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Writing Love Letter

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 06 Aug, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  MARRIAGE & FAMILY  

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Writing Love Letter

Being in love is a great experience. Nothing quite can give you the kind of high that just being in love can bring. Nothing compares to the time spent with your loved one... and when he is not around, you still want to tell him about everything you even think about... which is where writing love letters come in.

You can choose to express your love in many ways. You could choose perfumed letter paper in baby pink with tiny hearts sprinkled all over it, or you can do your own thing. Whatever it may be, select appropriate stationery. Decide whether you prefer torn-out notebook paper or perfumed sheets crawling with flowers.

Consider other creative means of expressing your devotion: Scrawl confessions on a mirror, fan or a piece of cloth. Fire off a quick succession of postcards. Draw things like hearts, flowers, etc., on the letter paper. For heaven`s sake, don`t draw peace signs, yin, yang, etc.

If your love is somewhere far away, it is tough. Any long-distance relationship can be rough, so write frequently. Take time during lunch breaks at work and write a few sincere lines a day. After three or four days mail the letter. That way he knows you think of him often.

Include one of those scribble pages that you`ve written with his or her name all over it. That can be very romantic to many people because it shows that you`re always thinking of them.

Date your letter for the sake of posterity. It might be real fun (many, many years later) to curl up during a rainy afternoon and read the letters that you had written to each other.

Describe how your lover makes you feel. Be original. Express your true feelings. Tell him about the way he makes you feel in such a way that he knows that he`s the only one who could make you feel this way.

Mention your lover`s adorable traits. Be sure to mention even the little everyday things that you like best about your love like him playing with his ears when discussing something serious. Appreciate the things he`s doing that make you feel extra-special. If the one you love is especially insecure about a certain aspect of him or her, make sure to tell them how much you like that quality. It will make them feel more loved and accepted by you.

Be sure to mention the number of times you`ve read the letter that he wrote you. Flatter your lover by repeating a couple of choice phrases he or she used.

Maybe you could finish your letter or envelop with a wax seal. Consider affixing a flower onto it or enclosing a poem. You could end your letters with a quote from a song you both love, a book you`re reading, or just something you`ve made up yourself. (Few people can make rhyme work in a poem, so the best way to write genuinely is to write free verse. Let your thoughts define the form you use, length of lines, etc.) Dab a bit of your favourite perfume on the back of the envelope after you seal it. He`ll love it!

And don`t ever forget the three magic words, "I LOVE YOU"...


  • Melodramatic and exaggerated declarations of love can sound insincere.

  • Avoid sounding like you`re more in love with the idea of being in love than with your lover.

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