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He Turned his back

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 06 Aug, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  MARRIAGE & FAMILY  

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So, you were seeing a guy and then he suddenly never called again. Should you contact him?

If you thought things were going well, you should definitely give the clown a call. Guys can have one-track minds, so he may just be really busy with something else and would appreciate it if you checked it with him. Then again, he might be phone shy because he thinks you`re hankering for a commitment - even if you`re not. The only way to find out what really happened is to ring up and ask him.

Whatever you do, don`t rail him for not keeping in touch. Just say something like "We haven`t talked in a while, so I wanted to see how you were doing." Then casually invite him out. If he says he`s busy, you should take it as a clear sign that he`s not interested. While it may suck to be ditched, getting it over with is better than sweating it out waiting by the phone.

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