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How you can recover from a Bollywood style breakup

Ever wondered how celebrity couples cope with a breakup or even divorce in their much publicized lives? What happens when you have a boyfriend who is highly emotional and violent like Salman Khan?....more >>

Victims of sexual abuse

Children who have been sexually abused sometimes never get back to normal. The trauma they undergo is unimaginable, their flower-like innocence is crushed and their childhood is lost forever. They feel betrayed, they can never approach sex with a normal attitude, and dread even the touch of any person of the opposite sex. ..... more >>

Deciding on adoption

If you are one of those who have taken a conscious decision not to have babies, there may come about a time in your lives when you begin to feel the void and start to yearn for a family. Or you may have tried to have a kid but for reasons... more >>

A poem that touches a chord

I ran into a stranger as he passed by. "Oh, excuse me please" was my reply. He said, "Please excuse me too; wasn`t even watching for you." We were very polite, this stranger and I. more>>

What`s your parenting style?

The kind of emotions you portray while dealing with your kid, speaks volumes about your parenting style. more>>

Help your teenaged child

The teenage years are a turbulent stage. Adolescents don`t know how much control they have or don`t have of their lives. more >>

Six steps closer to your child

Whether we like it or not, we live in a conditional society. We have to perform in order to stay employed. Sometimes our children sense that they must perform to be loved. more>>

How to help your child face Exams?

Learning is a joyful activity, which begins at home. Courage and the strength to face difficult situations find their origins here . more>>

Parents role in avoiding sibling rivalry

The child who outshines her sibling will be troubled. After all, she wants to think that everybody in the family is happy with her achievements. more>>

My older girl is a natural star

When you have more than one child and when one of them naturally and effortlessly outshines the others, what do you do? more>>

Ways to help your teen

Parenting is a process of stages. The first stage is one of being totally responsible, but in the second stage, the challenge is to maintain a sense of control while giving your teen increasing freedom. more>>

Through My Children`s Eyes

One afternoon, years ago, while I was driving home with my kids, we saw a home less woman standing on the curb. She was talking to herself and gesturing. more>>

The Honesty policy

Children learn by example. By the time a child is a teenager, she has had plenty of evidence to believe that being an adult means not expressing your feelings, not admitting to weakness and not asking for help. more>>

A child`s mind in a grown-up body

Maybe it`s one of God`s little jokes, but it seems as if just when your kids are at their most temperamental, volatile and impulsive - during adolescence - they`re eager to do the very things that require the coolest of heads. more>>

Tips for taking the best ever kiddy picture!

Instead of saying say cheese", are you shouting, Hey, come back here!" or Quit picking your nose!?" Here are some tips for taking the best ever kiddy pictures! more>>

Puppy Fat

Want your kids to lose weight? Get a dog! more>>

How to help your kids stay close

If it seems like all your kids do is nothing but just fight, build their bond with these easy strategies. more>>

Is your child a loner?

Manas sits huddled in a corner of the school van pretending not to notice the other children laughing and talking among themselves. more>>

Give your child proper sex education

Sex. To have it or not? When? With whom? How to say no? Here is what teens like you feel, know and want to know about sex. more>>

The worst ways to motivate

In your anxiety to make your children perform well, you might do exactly what you are not supposed to be doing and spoil the long term growth and development in a child. Fear-inducing or manipulative techniques may work in the short term, but their positive effects don`t last. Here are some techniques you just must avoid. more>>

Staying in touch with your teen

Your husband and you probably work long hours at your jobs. With the result you don`t spend enough time with your children. more>>

Seven ways to make your kids try harder.

There`s no one quick trick to get your kids to apply themselves, but there are strategies for motivating even the most reluctant achievers. more>>

Raising good children

The important things in life cannot be bought with money. Yes, the child needs a good education and he must be equipped to make money when he grows older (he does need to survive, doesn`t he?) but some things cannot be bought. Like growing to be someone who cares about others and the world he lives in. Here are some ways to make sure your kids grow up the right way. more>>

How to talk to your kids About Drugs

For some parents, discussing drugs and alcohol is more uncomfortable than talking about the birds and the bees. But studies show that most children want to talk about drugs and that what parents say shapes their attitudes. Here are some approaches: more>>

How to Raise a Kid With Good Values

In today`s crazy, fast-paced world, it can seem harder than ever to teach children the golden rule - from the news to the movies to the courts, it`s the bad guys who always seem to win. more>>

Teach your child the important things in life

There are many ways through which you can teach your child good values. more>>

Sons and daughters

Does your son slam doors when he`s angry, while your daughter sulks in her room? Such temperamental differences among children, which often fall along the boy-girl fault line, sometimes call for different discipline styles, say psychologists. more>>

Forging a family discipline system

Discipline is actually a lesson of love. And did you know that children feel emotionally secure when their parents provide a dependable boundary? more>>

The simple truths of childhood

Children and the rules that make up their little worlds. Adults can learn from them too, you know... more>>

Missing the big event

Can`t attend your daughter`s dance recital or your son`s field trip? Don`t despair. All parents face the occasional schedule conflict. To keep guilt from getting to you, try these tips. more>>

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