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Games People Play

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 02 Aug, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  MARRIAGE & FAMILY  

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Games People Play

You`re an honest person, you tell yourself. You`re straightforward in your dealings in life.

Lady, this may come as a surprise to you, but no one is totally honest in life. By this we don`t mean that mankind has a whole has criminal tendencies. We merely mean to say that people play plenty of covert games to convey the wrong impression.

And this is not restricted to people we live with. By and large, it is a factor that is present in all the relationships in our lives.

Let`s look at the more common of the games that people play.

  • How often do you intentionally try to make someone jealous? It needn`t just your lover you choose to play this game with. When you want to give someone a message, for instance, you can`t help but put up an act. You don`t want A to think she is indispensable in your life. So you pay more attention to C. And make her feel wanted. Not because you really think well of her, but more because you want to teach A a lesson. You`re being dishonest with two people here. And only you know the truth.

  • You`re eager to please. A little too much at times. So you pretend to be what you`re not. You try to be the person your new friend expects you to be. Yet another game. It`s a grave injustice you`re doing yourself, by refusing to be what you really are.

  • You`re pretending sickness. Because you don`t want to go to some place or do some work. You don`t want to come across as difficult, so you decide on a little white lie. But a game all the same.

Why do people play games? Believe it or not, the prime reason is fear. Most people are scared that if they don`t put up an acceptable front, they won`t be accepted. They`re scared they wont get the love or acceptance they need if they are completely honest and straightforward. So they resort to shifting the truth a little every now and then.

But when games are played too often, it results in mistrust. Distances build up in a relationship. Because what people are really trying to do is    to manipulate others, consciously and unconsciously.

When games backfire, as they will sooner or later, they will endanger the relationship.

It is always better that we summon a bit of strength and be honest in our relationships. It may not always be easy, but it is the better way to be    with any relationship that matters.

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