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Five best sex positions for women

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Five best sex positions for women

Sex has been in existence as long as man has but for some reason even today in Indian society, it is not openly discussed. It is considered something best kept behind closed doors. In this age where people are more liberal and open-minded, this does not sit well. Men and women both enjoy sex and sexual activities so it should be looked upon as a part of normal life and not some tabooed subject. The man and woman involved at least should be able to talk about it among themselves. Each should know how the other partner feels about it, what the other wants out of it. Traditionally, man is the more dominant one in these acts. Women accept and participate in the kind of sex, the foreplay and the positions that men prefer. However, men should also take into consideration what the women prefer. They should understand that there could be certain variations that their women want to try; positions that women find more comfortable and enjoyable. It should be understood that best sexual experience can be achieved when both persons involved are at comfort and get pleasure out of it. So, all the men out there watch out for the positions that your women enjoy and indulge them for enjoying amazing sex.

Here are five of the great many sex positions that women dig the most,

The doggy style: Women love it although it might be an old one. A good thing for men is that even they are aroused greatly by this style. As the name suggests, women should kneel with their hands touching the ground to support their torso, like a dog. The man has to come from behind and penetrate. He should also be in a position similar to the woman and mount her from behind, as the dogs do. The position provides a lot of closeness; allow your hands to roam over her body. It will drive her crazy and help her get a wonderful orgasm.

Cowgirl position: It is one of the sexiest positions ever. Women love to take control at times and this position allows them to dominate over the men. The woman is supposed to ride the man, very cowboy, in this case very cowgirl style. In this way, women get to move around and arouse senses in their G-spot. It is a huge turn on for men too. The orgasm is long and very satisfying for the woman as well as the man.
Standing position: It is a kind of an out of control, hot style of sex. In this position, the woman sits on a tabletop or a counter and the man thrusts from the front. Men are likely to get deeper penetrations and may be able to hit the G-spot. This sexual position is probable when both are too turned on to get to the bed and want to have their way in the kitchen or on any tabletop right where they are. Another good place would be to try it in the bathroom on the counter just after a hot steaming shower. Highly arousing and will definitely be a gratifying experience for both. 

Spooning style: Women love spooning be it in sex or just falling asleep with the lover holding them from behind. The side by side position is comfy and cosy. It may last long so the men can spice it up with letting their hands wander all over her or dirty talk whispers in her ear. Women can also use props like greasing themselves with cream or chocolate so he can lick it off them during sex.

Missionary style: Do not let your eyes pop out at this one. This may be the age old, traditional, overused man on woman style but women still love it. Some may think it is boring but sex always starts with this one. Women love having eye contact with their partner during sex. It gives them intimacy as well as pleasure. This is a classic one that never goes out of style.
These are just a few of the many amazing positions. One can spice them up further with pun props, dirty talks and some variations. To try out other incredible positions, look into the Kama Sutra!

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