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5 Ways to Juggle Work and Relationship

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 30 Oct, 2012 RELATIONSHIPS  DATING & RELATIONSHIPS  

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5 Ways to Juggle Work and Relationship

Whether you like it or not, your professional life is likely to invade your personal life. In pretty much all the professions, there are extremely busy, moderately busy and less busy times. However, many events may have passed when you were less busy and he was extremely busy making it impossible to find time for each other. Creating a good work-life balance isn`t an easy task and you have to take every step with great concern. Here are five ways to maintain a balance between work and relationship.

Additional work should strictly be a no no. Until and unless you calculate all the additional work and the spare time you have, don`t give your consent. Set limits and learn to say no when your colleagues ask you to do something for them – you have a personal life and the more work you take, the more you will be trapped in your work life. Remember that you can`t make everyone happy at all times. Know your priorities and cruise ahead without any guilt. 

Create a boundary between your personal life and professional life. With technology that`s so advanced that you can connect to anyone anywhere, it is of grave importance that you make sensible decisions. When you are at the office, simply concentrate on your work rather than texting your friends or chatting with your boyfriend. Likewise, once you step outside the office, leave it behind. Don`t go nagging about the co-workers or talk about deadlines with your boyfriend.

Things don`t just fall at the right places, you have to move the places right under where the things are falling. Every now and then, check with your partner when he gets a free weekend or have holidays and plan a romantic getaway. If both of you  don`t get days off at the same time, don`t fret about it. Rather go on a long drive on Saturday evening or visit a spa together on a Sunday morning. Just find ways to do stuff together and enjoy each others` company.

Every week, take some time out to do nothing with your partner. There is work and then there is family, friends, responsibilities and so many other things in between, you just spend most of your day running around. And it`s not just a day, you know you have to do it all over again the next day and the day after that. Away from that hustle-bustle, spend some time with your partner doing absolutely nothing. Just sit there holding hands, lie down cuddling, walk together quietly, lay back and watch the time passing by. This will bring the two of lot closer than ever before.

More than anything else, have fun. Don`t let stress cripple your relationship. Creating and maintaining a perfect balance between hectic professional life and a routine personal life is extremely stressing and can negatively impact all your relationships. In spite of being fatigued and weighed down, you should do some crazy stuff with your partner. Put on some music and dance like a three year old, have a pillow fight, get soaked in the rain, eat whipped cream right out of the can – act stupid enough to laugh aloud as there`s no better medicine than laughter.


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