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How to maintain a soft, supple skin when pregnant

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 12 Sep, 2011 PREGNANCY & PARENTING  PARENTING  

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Most women dread the idea of getting pregnant only because they fear it would wreak havoc on their skin. All those stretch marks they keep hearing about from friends - they feel it is enough to forget about having babies! But things are not so bleak if you take good care of yourself from the time you discover that you are pregnant.

Make skin care a part of your daily routine, more so when you are pregnant. Remember that stretch marks affect most women - the skin that is stretched when you are pregnant tends to leave scars after the baby comes out. So begin your skin care regimen from day one - and reap the benefits.

  • There are plenty of products flooding the market for pregnant women. Cocoa butter is one such lotion that is said to help skin to retain its natural elasticity and moisture. Massage this regularly on your stomach and other stretch areas for maximum benefit.
  • Never forget your daily moisturizer. It helps in keeping the skin in good shape and hydrates the skin. Apply one immediately after getting out of the shower for increased absorption and hydration.
  • If you have just delivered your baby, what you will need in addition is a skin firming lotion. Most of these lotions now widely available under different brand names, contain in addition to cocoa butter, collagen elastin ginseng and vitamin E. Massage this cream/lotion slowly on specific areas prone to sagging that need a special lift. This will help restore a taut and supple skin.
  • Proper application is however needed or best benefits. Always make circular strokes on your thighs, upper arms and midriff when applying a skin firming lotion
  • Your bustline needs extra care especially when you are feeding the baby. Bust firming creams are now available. Invest in one and start applying it as soon as you feel that your breasts are tender and enlarged. This will also prevent ugly stretch marks under your bustline after the baby is born as this area is ultra sensitive.
  • Use a body lotion every day. This will help to ensure that your skin has a youthful glow even while it improves the skin`s elasticity.
  • In addition, using a daily all-over moisturizer to improve skin`s appearance and elasticity can help ensure a youthful glow.

Use it both after a shower and before bedtime if you want to look after your skin.

Follow these essential tips for skin care when pregnant, and when your baby is born, it will have tough competition from the mother where a soft, radiant skin is concerned!

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