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Symptoms of Pregnancy

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 12 Jun, 2011 HEALTH  AGING & DISEASES  

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Pregnancy is a major change in the life of every woman. It comes with a mixed feeling and it is often hard to express the feeling. Only a pregnant woman or a mother can understand the feelings. It is often regarded that a woman becomes complete with the advent of pregnancy and the birth of the child. During this time, the mother has to prepare herself for welcoming the new member of the family as soon as she feels the symptoms of pregnancy. It is even more stressful when a single mother decides to give birth to a child. Even if it is not unwanted pregnancy, there are some emotional along with physical changes which are bound to come with the advent of pregnancy and it is easily detectable with the symptoms of pregnancy.
Soon after a woman conceives, she experiences some bodily changes which also affect the emotional state, and which give rise to mood swings. Suddenly the would-be moms feel sad while often she is filled with joy. It takes time to adjust with the fact that she is carrying a new life within herself. The physical changes can be pretty drastic or sometimes a slow process but it affects a pregnant women and she is bogged down for sometime as she copes up with the changes and symptoms of pregnancy and prepares herself for the new life which is on its way.
One of the important symptoms of pregnancy is the missing of menstrual period. Normally, every woman can make out by calculating the date of normal occurrence of the menstrual bleeding. When it gets delayed, a woman starts feeling that she is pregnant though there are other factors related to some diseases with irregular menstrual cycle. It often comes with other symptoms of Pregnancy. But it would be most convenient and safe if you go for a pregnancy test or consult a doctor.
Implantation bleeding is another symptom of pregnancy when light spots occur with brownish or pinkish color from the vagina. It is comparatively light than normal periods. There is also a sudden increase of body temperature though a bit and can only be detected by a special thermometer which can record minor changes in degree.
Most women face more such symptoms of pregnancy while others might experience only one or two. Morning sickness and nausea is another common factor. This problem can be very disturbing as you go through this problem. The physical changes in ones body affect the mind too. Often it happens that the new mother cannot get up from bed as she feels so sick during the morning time.
Most women feel tenderness in the breasts and the areolas of breast also darken, which prepare the body for breast feeding of the newborn. Breast enlargement can be one of the important symptoms of pregnancy which indicates that you are pregnant and a new life is forming inside you. You will feel that your breasts are tender and soft.
As there are some changes in the hormones and uterine contraction, you may also feel cramps in the abdomen along with constipation or irregular bowel movement. This can be quite a problem especially for those women who already suffer from constipation. You will also feel like urinating more frequently as pregnancy is associated with frequent urination. One of the biggest symptoms of pregnancy is that you will feel less energetic or feel sleepy even if you have a good sleep at night. You will be low on energy levels and feel fatigued most of the time.
Other very clichd symptoms of pregnancy are the food cravings. Although not a very definite symptom it is often related to pregnancy and its symptoms. Sometimes it happens the other way round too as the new would-be mothers develop an aversion to a particular food item. This is not the only signs of pregnancy as to be sure there need to be other signs too along with the cravings so that you know that a new life is being formed inside you. Another very distinct change you may notice is that your sense of taste is changing. You may feel that a metallic taste is in the mouth. Some mothers also feel that they have the taste of coffee or tea or of any particular food in their mouth.
Headache and heart burn are also some symptoms of pregnancy. A new would-be mother may have headaches often but they definitely dont last long and they are not very severe. If it gets severe do consult a doctor. Heart burn is also a common symptom for pregnancy so that the mother will know that something new is happening, some change is about to come in her life.
Increase of body temperature during the morning is another symptom of pregnancy. Every morning after you wake up and take your basal body temperature then you will find that it is always increased or on the higher side. This is definitely one of the most crucial symptoms of pregnancy.
Other symptoms of pregnancy include heightened sensitivity to aromas. It so happens that some of your favorite smells like that of a perfume or a particular food item may make you feel nauseated, and you may feel like vomiting. Low back pain and bloating is also associated with symptoms of pregnancy. Your clothes go tight and you feel that your clothes are becoming tight at the waist line then you know that you are putting on weight without any reason. And as you put on weight and your abdomen starts showing signs of enlargement slowly you will start suffering from extreme low back pain.
When you experience any of symptoms of pregnancy or more, first quit smoking and drinking, if you have the habit of doing so, and go for a pregnancy confirmation test. It is better to undergo it under medical supervision as often the results are not correct if it is done at home with home kit. Have a discussion regarding good eating habits and staying healthy and enjoy your pregnancy along with thinking new names of the new member of your life.

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