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Tips on Parenting

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 12 Jun, 2011 PREGNANCY & PARENTING  PARENTING  

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Parenting is an important part of Pregnancy and Family, though with the passage of time, the mode of parenting has undergone great changes. Parenting actually involves whole lot of responsibilities. By definition, Parenting is a complex activity that involves many specific behaviors which work individually and also together to influence child and widely helps in mental and physical growth of the child. Though there are no specific parenting behaviors, such as spanking or reading aloud, but one should guide one his or her child according to his desires which actually results in greater influence on the child development. Many child specialists believe that specific parenting practices are less important in predicting child well-being than the application of broader pattern of parenting. Most researchers attempt to describe this broad parental attitude through the application of Diana Baumrinds concept of parenting style. In this case study they widely emphasized on the use of parenting style which is used to capture normal variations in parents attempts to control and socialize their children. Its important to note that parenting style is meant to describe normal variations while parenting. In other words, the parenting style, Baumrind uniquely developed should not be understood to include deviant parenting, this term actually refers to the fact that there are instances of child abusive or neglectful homes. There are also different assumptions that normal parenting revolves different around issues of control, though in certain cases its seen that parents might differ in how they try to control or socialize their children and the extent to which they do so, is assumed that the primary role of such parents is to influence, teach, and control their children. These studies resulted in formulation of Tips on Parenting which have been useful for parents all over the world. Parenting Toddlers requires lots of patience, however while Parenting special emphasis should be laid on developing values so that the child in the long run could easily adjust with any kind of situations without any fear in his mind. Parenting is actually the process of raising a child from birth until adulthood. The process of upbringing a child at home by parents, stands as opposite to that of the formal education of a child at school. On the other hand, a parent`s methods of educating a child must be different than a teacher`s. Other aspects of patenting are—

Adoptive parents—the term refers to those parents who adopt children.
Breastfeeding—after the child is born, the new baby should be breast fed for at least 6 months
Child care---it forms an important part of child upbringing for better growth of the child.
Child rearing—good care should be taken of the child so that he has a healthy life in the long run.
Parents` organizations—keeping in kind the interest of parents many organizations are formed in different cities across the world.
Paternity—refers to the father of the child.
Maternity—refers to mother of the child
Health Status—proper check up of the child should be done from time to time.

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