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Green Manure, The Benefits of Using Green Manure, Advantages of Green Manure, Green Manure Crop

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Green Manure is used to grow Organic Foods . It is a Methods of Organic Farming. When it comes to the cultivation of farms, Green Manure refers to a type of cover crop. These crops are grown primarily to provide nourishment to the soil. Green Manure helps to enhance the nutritive value of the soil. It also helps to add organic matter to the soil.

Keeping to this very characteristic found in Green Manure, that farmers resorting to the organic mode of food cultivation in the production of food substances, turn to. Organic foods refer to foods grown without the use of chemicals like those found in pesticides or artificial fertilizers. These are popularly used in food cultivation. However, farmers carrying out the organic method of farming do not resort to them. This is as because they are working towards a certain ideal. This is maintaining the purity of the atmosphere. They want to implement all the natural techniques of food production. This helps to maintain a harmonic balance between man and nature.

Green Manure is grown for a specific period of time. It is then ploughed beneath the soil and and finally fixed in to the soil.

The benefits of using Green Manure are that is helps in supplying organic matter to the soil. It also helps in providing the much needed grip the soil requires. Humus which evolves out of green manure helps to increase the soil`s capacity of absorption. This of food, water and nutrients. It also helps in bringing about aeration, drainage and granulation of the soil. This helps in the smooth and healthy growth of organic food substances, be it fruits or vegetables.

The other advantages of Green Manure are helping in supplementing the soil with nitrogen. If the Green Manure is in the nature of a leguminous crop, it helps in the nitrogen cycle. This helps in the nitrogenous content of the soil in going up. This is a boon to the soil. Organic food crops grow to levels never known better.

The Green Manure crop helps in increasing the biochemical activity by acting as a source for food micro-organisms found in the soil. This is helpful for the growth of the organic food plant.

Above all it proves to be very effective means in increasing crop yield. Crops which act as a source of Green Manure are both leguminous and non- leguminous crops. However, non- legumes are used to a limited extent as crops for Green Manure. Examples of these crops are Maize, Carrot, Mustard, Wheat to name a few. Examples of leguminous crops which are used as Green Manure are Lentils, Guar and Mung to name a few. In general there have been crops like Clove, Fenugreek, Alfalfa and Winter field beans to name a few which have been successfully used as Green Manure. This time and again.

Green Manure thereby helps both in improving the quality of the soil as well as protecting it. Notwithstanding, crops of this nature have gone on to play a major role in Organic Farming.

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