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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 18 Jun, 2011 HEALTH  SPIRITUALITY  

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1. A living Drugstore

The babul is a large tree indigenous to Sind. It also grows wild in India and Africa. It is often cultivated for its bark and gum for commercial use.

In native medicine, the bark is used in the treatment of gum diseases, fevers, mouth ulcers, etc. The gum is also medicinal. It vitalises the body and cures a number of common ailments such as cough, dysentery, fevers, respiratory diseases, stomach ulcers, throat infections, leucorrhoea and spermatorrhoea. It is supposed to form a soothing, protective layer over the wounds and swellings that may occur on the inner surface of the throat, alimentary canal, urinary passage, respiratory tract etc.

The tender leaves of the babul are used in folk remedies for stopping diarrhoea and premature ejaculation.

The roots of the babul do not lag behind in their medicinal properties. They are found useful in curing blood-dysentery.

2. Remedy for Laryngitis and Sore Throat

Mix the following: 5 tbsp coarsely powdered bark with 1/4 tbsp powdered alum, betel nut, black catechu and oak galls (masikkai). Boil in 1 litre water till the volume is reduced to half. Use it for frequent gargling.

3. A Home Remedy for Stomach Ache and Diarrhoea

Boil 1-cup bark in 1 litre water and filter. Dissolve powdered jaggery (1 cup) into it. In addition, add the following ingredients in powder form: black peppercorns (4), cardamom (2), cinnamon (1/2 inch piece), cloves (2), nutmeg (1/4) and pippali (1/2 tsp).

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and allow to remain for a month before it is taken for medicinal use. Dosage: 1 to 2 tbsp twice a day.

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