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Medical Care

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 10 Sep, 2011 HEALTH  AGING & DISEASES  

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Medical care facilities and staffs in India are increasing gradually due to the growing need of these facilities and staffs. India is home to numerous primary healthcare centers, hospitals, dispensaries served by thousands of doctors and other medical care providers. You can know about the medical care in India and other details related to it, like the jobs and advantages also if you read up the medical journals and websites. You can come to know about the healthcare insurance in India along with its products, coverage, claims and conditions for eligibility. The healthcare professionals in India are offered prospective career options, which allow them to serve renowned Indian healthcare organizations. You can get any information associated with medical care in India from various different resources. You can get to know about cardinal health, dental health and also about the world-famous healthcare organization WHO or World Health Organization.

History of Medical Care in India The diseases and illness have forced people to make break ways in the medical paths. It has been found that in ancient times people had possessed knowledge of dentistry and medicine. Some proofs that have been found are the book Susrutsamhita by Susrut. Ayurveda was one of the earliest ways of healing people. People relied more on natural resources for treating people. The procedures were complicated and elaborate. It has undergone a whole lot of change and has now made many remarkable achievements in the field of medicine and surgery in the process treating and curing many people.

Medical Insurances

With hospitals and nursing homes becoming more popular catering to more and more people and their diseases and illness the bills are going upwards too. It is often found that that the cost of medicines and operations are sky high and it is almost impossible for you to pay up. Hence to cater to such masses for their Medical Care the medical insurance has come up. It is a kind of a legal bond in which you pay a premium amount from time to time and the insurance company assures financial coverage of the medical treatment which is covered in the insurance.

You can choose any kind of medical insurance according to your convenience and requirement. There are different types of insurance they are: traveler medical insurance, student medical insurance, group medical insurance, and overseas medical insurance. It is always wise to get your medical insurance done because you never know when you might need it. You might have to deal with unexpected health hazards and hence it is better to get a medical insurance for you and your family as early as possible.

Eligibility for Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance covers everyone from 5 years to 65. You will be only allowed for a medical insurance after you get a medical check up done. One is not given medical coverage for chronic ailments. The health care policies do not cover individuals who are above the age of 70. Some ailments are excluded in the Indian medical insurance policies. It is advised that you buy your medical insurance at an early age so that you dont have to worry about your Medical Care. You can talk to your insurance agent for detailed information on the number of insurance policies that are availed and the ones which can be availed.

Medical Claims

Medical claims have come up benefiting thousands of Indians. You can be really benefited by the terms and conditions some of the claims have to offer. The terms and conditions differ from company to company which offers the claims. When you negotiate with the agent be sure to state your requirements clearly. There are some big companies which offer you great medical claims policies for your Medical Care. There are short term and long term claims which are for individuals as well as the families. Short term policies are gaining popularity because of the low premium rates. These medical claims surely help to make your future a safe and secure one. You can buy mediclaims through the agents or through filing online forms.

Medical Centers and organizations

The Indian Government has done a great deal to improve the health care facilities of India. Many people in the country are so poor that they cannot afford their own health care treatments. The government is trying to improve the Medical Care facilities by adding more and more hospitals and nursing units in the country. The services of the government hospitals are mainly community based. Their charges are cheap and very much reasonably priced. The medical centers and organizations offer advanced facilities for treating thousands of people.

But there are many health care institutions which are not aptly equipped to handle complicated situations and patients. Especially the lack of facilities is seen in the rural areas which is a major drawback for the people staying in these parts of the country. But still conditions have improved especially for the poorer section of the society who has very little access to medical support system and otherwise has to rely on natural resources.

Medical Care in rural and urban India

The situation is even now pretty bleak in rural India in terms of medical care and practitioners. Due to financial constraints most of the rural Indian people opt for natural resources. Since the health care centers are inadequately equipped people prefer to opt for ayurveda or unani method to treat people who are sick. There is a vaidya or hakim in most villages who is expert in either of the alternative methods of healing.

Even in the 90s there were many ayurvedic and unani colleges which were government and non-government institutions. The medical facilities are dwindling in the rural areas of India and hence people are resorting to natural methods or seeking medical aid in the city hospitals which has far better facilities and equipments.

The medical facilities in urban India are an absolutely different picture with good hospitals and advanced facilities catering to millions of people. Hence for superior medical attention and care it would be better if one comes to the cities to treat their illness.

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