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Top Mallika Badrinath Recipes

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Top Mallika Badrinath Recipes

Mallika Badrinath was a simple girl from Salem, who didn’t have very high ambitions. She has, however, become the number one culinary expert in South India and stars in her own cooking shows on TV. She has also authored several best selling cookbooks. She is known for preparing and testing each of her recipes before penning them down in her books. Her recipes are considered simple to replicate because they are presented in simple, step-by-step fashion. She has an eye for detail and offers a lot of tips for beginners. She ensures that beginners do not make common mistakes and with her guidelines, even novices can cook like experts.

Mallika Badrinath offers a variety of recipes, from the simple and appetizing soups and rasams to the more complex porials and puddings. She has an education in Home Science, which makes her a great cook and helps her bring a scientific edge to her recipes. She prepares innovative recipes by using unique ingredients and combining them together to bring unique textures and tastes to the dishes.

She confesses that cooking was only a hobby but became a career when she decided to share her love of cooking with others. After she was married, she began collecting recipes from her mom and aunt. Once she was done, she realized she had enough recipes to write ten cookbooks. This was what first gave her the idea of doing something in the culinary field. Still, it was her husband who gave her the confidence and the conviction to start writing her very own cookbook. He was instrumental in getting her first work published.

Mallika Badrinath first published a cookbook on 100 vegetarian gravies and it is her vegetarian gravies and curries that brought fame to her. Her first book was published in 1988 after which she did not look back. Even the earliest of her work won critical acclaim and became wildly popular.

Some of her top recipes include Mulligatawny Soup, Mysore Rasam, Ven Pongal, Sakkarai Pongal, Rawa Uppuma, More Kali, Tomato Sevai, Pittu, Vermicelli Kichidi, Misri Brath, Bisibele Bhath, Tomato Pulav, Coconut Rice, Vangi Bhath, Puliodharai, Kurma for Idiyappam, Beans Porial, Ladies Finger Masala Curry, Paruppu Usili, Raw Banana Pepper Curry, Drumstick Leaves Curry, Brinjal Coriander Curry, Kothamalli Thokku, More Kulambu, Araicha Sambar, Onion Sambar, Vatral Kulambu, Keerai Masial, Avial, Karakkulambu, Paruppu Kolaurundai Kulambu, Vankaya Bajji and Gongura Pappu.

Mallika has been writing cookbooks for the last 25 years. She started off with a target of writing one book per year and her cookery shows and family have kept her busy in the meantime. One of the reasons she has gained so much popularity is that she keeps her readers engaged. She tries to simplify the recipes to a point where even novices find it very easy to prepare even the most complex of dishes. Above all, she makes sure that all her books appeal to users and are easy to understand. Her books are also very affordable so anyone can buy them and use them to their benefit.

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