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5 Best Sarees for Diwali

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 25 Oct, 2012 LIFESTYLE  FESTIVALS & CULTURE  

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5 Best Sarees for Diwali

5 Best Sarees for Diwali

Come Diwali and you see the surroundings lavishing with sparkle, electrifying colors, glitter and gloss. Long before the charismatic festivities begins, women indulge in shopping, decorating their homes, buying gifts, planning the celebrations and loads more. They start preparing months before the festivals only to make a commendable statement. And style comes foremost and they start exploring the stores for the perfect festive wear which is without a doubt, the classic saree. 

Sarees are the most preferred option of Indian women, when it comes to celebrating Diwali in a traditional way. The intricate designs, elegance and charm of a saree never fades away and when accompanied with the exquisite jewelry, sarees look even more grand. Sarees worn during the festivals are woven in different threads, come in variety of shades and adorn a classy handiwork. Here is a list of the best sarees to look for this Diwali. 

Silk Sarees 
Mysore silk, Banarasi silk, Kanjeevaram silk, Jamdani silk, butter silk, and the list goes on. Silk is the most sought-after fabric to be worn during festivals because of the ever-so-glossy and sophisticated look they have. Wearing the ravishing silk sarees, a woman looks seven more beautiful and makes a unique fashion statement. 


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jaya (2 Years ago)

Lovely sarees, This post tempted me to go shopping

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