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Handling inquisitive neighbours

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 10 Oct, 2012 LIFESTYLE  FESTIVALS & CULTURE  

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Handling inquisitive neighbours

When one moves into a new neighbourhood it might get difficult to cope with the new surroundings. While getting used to the new place, one might have to also handle some curious onlookers; the neighbours. They would want to know many things like from where one has shifted, what is ones profession, who are there in the family, etc. Sometimes the curiosity does not subside at this. They are inquisitive about everything that happens in one’s family and home. Is it wise to kill the curiosity or have their questions answered?

There are neighbours who would want to know what has one cooked for dinner, which new dress one has bought, what lipstick one has worn or what new jewellery one has purchased. This is can be annoying, as one will lose privacy and start showing one dislike towards them.

It is true that one will need their neighbour’s help at some point of time. Neighbours are the one who will help in case of an emergency. If one loses patience and gets rude with them it would distance them. Why not be a bit more patient and talk to them when it’s possible. When one is questioned by neighbours about every small thing, some of the questions can be answered and later on one can excuse oneself and cut the conversation. If this stance is taken every time one is encountered with a list of question, the inquisitive neighbours will get the message that one is not interested in conversing too much.

Some information is necessary to be given to the neighbours. If ones children are alone at home they can keep a watch on them. But, some things are too trivial or private to be shared. So avoid sharing this information.  When countered with personal questions change the topic of discussion or simply excuse one by showing them to be too busy.

If the neighbours are too inquisitive and don’t give up on poking their noses into one’s life, put the message across clearly and say that one cannot share that information. One needs to communicate firmly that it is a private matter, so they would not like to talk about it. One need not be rude in putting across this message, but one can be firm. One can apologise that the information cannot be shared.

Another way of handling inquisitive neighbours is that don’t ask them about their life or anything going around in the neighbourhood. They will understand that one is not interested in gossip or one is not inquisitive.

Most people ignore such neighbours and don’t react to their questions. This also sends a strong message to the neighbours to stop being inquisitive.

One can even convey it to the neighbours in a humorous way that they don’t like inquisitive neighbours. This is the smartest way of handling these neighbours.

Once the neighbours understand that they are disliked for their inquisitiveness they would concede. It is an art to handle people. But, to handle inquisitive people it requires lot of patience especially if they are ones neighbours. It is expected that one loves their neighbour, but it is rather difficult to love an inquisitive neighbour. All one can do is to not mingle too much with them and keep a distance.


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