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Safest cities in India

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 05 Sep, 2012 LIFESTYLE  TRAVEL & DINING  

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Safest cities in India

Living in cities means getting an exposure to opportunities, modern amenities, and having a better quality of life. Cities have all the necessary infrastructure and facilities, though some cities lack in a major area that is safety. Not all cities are safe, especially for women. The crime rates are high and women cannot move out of their homes without fear in mind. The fear can be of getting eve teased, stalked or at times even be raped. They cannot get out of their homes in the night and are advised to return home in the early evenings. Some Indian cities are safe while some are not very safe for women.

While discussing about which Indian cities are safe for women, one will find that Chennai stands out. Almost all women will comment that they can walk safely even after dusk.  It is seen that majority of women don’t get harassed at any public places or in public transport. But, there is a flip side to the city. In terms of modern outlook the city lags behind. Women cannot walk comfortably in skirts or sleeveless tops. Yes, the essence of the people in Chennai is very much Indian and in terms of knowledge and modern views they are haven’t progressed. This can be one of the reasons why women are safe, as they are protected and respected. In contrast to this is Mumbai. Women can choose to wear what they want to and still not be eve teased or troubled. Gone are those days when women were constrained to their homes. Now they want to have a career and live an independent life. Thus, for a modern woman Mumbai is a city full of opportunities. To back this advantage she is even safe in midnight as public transport is available till 2am. Women can go freely to pubs, malls, 5 star hotels with friends and family and enjoy their life.

Vadodara is one of the safest cities in India. The crime rate is low and women hardly face any untoward incident. The city witnesses’ huge gatherings during Navaratri however even during these days one will see zero incidents of eve teasing, despite the fact that women travel on roads late in the night after participating in the cultural functions.

Shimla is known as the ‘Queen of Hills’ and is another safe city of India. It sees lot of tourists all around the year. The local population is warm towards the tourist and helpful too. It is possible that the people have a broader view towards life as they see tourists from different countries visiting their city. Thus, they have learnt to respect diversity.

Women now travel to different cities for employment or post marriage. Sometimes they have to live alone. In such instances they can make a wise choice whether to migrate or not to any particular city. Alternatively it also makes them alert when they know the city they live in is not safe for women.


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