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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 30 Jun, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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Priya: Hi! How are you doing?

Preeti: I`m great. How bout` you?

Priya: Yaaa....all`s well. I`ve just enrolled in an MBA college.

Preeti: That`s fantastic. Must say, you are stepping into a whole new world. Lots a fun, excitement & style bout` to add up in your life.

Say bye bye to the same boring school dress. In college you must try out new stylish dresses.

Priya: Ya! i know. But I`m quite confused bout` exactly what to wear & what not to wear.

Preeti: Darling. Scorching hot summers are back. So you must wear summery clothes.

Priya: I know. But what are the latest summer clothing trends.

Preeti: A few days back i saw Wills India Fashion Week. Designers showcased their amazing summer fashion 2009 collection.

Priya: Can you plz gimme some style tips.

Preeti: Some of the summer must-haves for your wardrobe can be a white cotton shirt.

Have high-waisted skirts, pants, & shorts.

Pantsuits and shortsuits are back again. So buy them and go to your college wearing it.

Get your own Harem Pants right away. Celebrities are wearing it & i just bought it from Sarojini Nagar market in great bargains.

I know you love bohemian style. So you can make a stylish statement with a Bohemian look.

This summer bright colors like lemon yellows, neon oranges, grays, mint-green, coral & bright blues neutrals will rule. Flowery prints and loose-fitting dresses will really look good.

So fill your wardrobe with some of these fabulous clothes.

Priya: Thanks Yaar. Your style tips are a great help to me. I`ll just go to my nearest shopping mall & look out for these cool n` funky clothes.

Preeti: Ok then bye

Priya: SeeYa

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