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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 29 Jun, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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Rachita: Hi! How are you?

Sonam: I`m doing great.

Rachita: Skin care is difficult during the Monsoon season. Skin becomes dull and life less.

Sonam: Not Really.

Rachita: Skin loses its beauty. Make-up is next to impossible.

Sonam: Apply water proof make up during the Monsoon. Apply waterproof eyeliner or mascara instead of kajal or eyebrow pencil. Use lighter shades eye shadow and blush like pinks. Waterproof foundation or powder is the better replacement for regular foundation or concealer.

Rachita: What about Monsoon skin care.

Sonam: Keep face clean. Splash plain water several times a day.

Wash your face with the face wash containing alpha hydroxyl acid that will help to freshen the skin.

Wash face with a scrub made of fresh fruits, apricot or oatmeal twice a week to remove dead cells, dirt and dust.

Avoid applying heavy moisturizer or oily foundations on your face.

Use a matte compact or few drops of calamine lotion as a makeup base.

Use a toner to wash your face to close the pores and restore your skin`s pH balance.

There are skin-lightening peels, acne peels, peels for sensitive skin and peels for under-eye circles to freshen up the dull skin.

Drink lots of boiled water to keep well-hydrated. Boiling of water is very important to protect oneself from seasonal infections to health.

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