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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 29 Jun, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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Renu: Hey! Anks what`s happening?

Ankita: Hi! Buddy. Everythin` cool.

Renu: Howz your hair doing. Last time when we met you were miffed with your curly hairs.

Ankita: My hair problem is still the same.

Renu: What happened?

Ankita: As you know it very well my hair are curly. I just can`t try new hairstyles. My friends make a variety of hairstyles on different occasion. Wish i had silky straight hairs.

Renu: Don`t be disappointed. Why don`t your go for hair straightening.

Ankita: But I`m scared. After pressing and chemical treatment my hair will be left damaged.

Renu: Don`t worry. So many girls straighten hair and treatment their hair are still the same.

Ankita: Tell me a little more about hair straightening & pressing.

Renu: Make sure your hair is dry before using a heated iron. Hair is most fragile and prone to breakage when it is wet. If possible, allow your hair to dry naturally instead of blow drying.

Use a product like serum, protein treatment, hair sprays, gels, mousses and putties before straightening on the ends for shinier hair.

There are hairdressings and silicone creams for all types of hair.

Flat irons are very good for curly hairs. You can try this out for sure. Relaxers will permanently remove curls from your hair.

Part hair into small sections and do a couple of passes with the iron on each section.

For quick results straighten just the top layer of your hair. No one will see the bottom layers anyway.

Ankita: Thanks for quick tips on hair straightening.

Renu: Join me in my Birthday. And i want to see a new hair style this time.

Ankita: Sure. Just watch me out. You`ll be delighted to see my look.

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