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Life's Panorama - Hair Straightening

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 29 Jun, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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Preeti: Heya.. Hws you??

Divya: Very good.. Got my hair straightened..
How do I look?

Preeti: Wow!! You look great.. This is permanent or a temporary feature?

Divya: Temporary

Preeti: If that is the case, then its fine cuz` permanent straightening can really damage your hair. So you should never go for it. Yes, it looks very hep, but why to do it at the cost of your hair quality?

Divya: Guess you are right. But the problem is I dont like my hair texture. So I experiment with my looks frequently to look good.

Preeti: Divya, you do it the unhealthy way. Why dont you stick to home recipes to improve your hair texture?

Divya: I dont know any such recipe..

Preeti: See... It is really simple.. you just need one egg, henna powder and a teaspoon of coffee. Mix these ingredients and put the mixture on hair for about an hour and then wash away with water. After this, oil your hair, get a nice hair massage, then shampoo after two hours time and you are done. Its that simple..

Divya: Hmmmm....

Preeti: And besides, eat right - include fruits and green vegetables in your diet.. whatever we eat reflects back on our skin, hair and nails. Got it??


Preeti: Good girl!! I follow the same regime for my hair.. They look good, no??

Divya: No... hahahaha..... Kiddin!!

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