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Life's Panorama

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 28 Jun, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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Ankita: Hi Ishita. What`s wrong with you?

Ishita: Nothing. I`m fine.

Ankita: You`re looking pale and dull.

Ishita: Is it so.

Ankita: Yes. You seem stressed out and tensed.

Ishita: Might be possible. For a last few months I`ve been appearing in entrance exams and waiting for my University results. Exam tensions, career prospects and parent`s expectations have taken its toll on me.

Ankita: Each one of us faces pressure and tensions. But it doesn`t mean to give up. Try to deal with stress and inculcate fighting spirit.

Ishita: Please help me out. Gimee tips to destress myself.

Ankita: The moment you start feeling stressed out and tensed, go for a quick walk. Spare ten minutes and go for a walk to get away from the immediate source of stress and calm down.

You`ve heard many a times and I`ll say it again Meditate. Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation will instantly destress you.

Try out slow and deep breathing exercise to get relieve from stress. Breathe from your stomach, not your chest. Take slow, deep, fulfilling breaths to calm down your disturbed mental state.

Be positive. It`s the key to succeed in life. What you say and what you tell yourself impact the present and create your future. Love yourself and use the power of positive words, pleasing thoughts and affirming beliefs to live the life you want to live

Never sulk or listen to sad songs. Listen to lively music and watch funny videos to light up your mood. Watch your favorite flick, shop or read fiction.

Treat yourself with your sumptuous food. Herbal tea is a great way to distress. It`ll help you calm down and you`ll feel much better equipped to handle the situation.

Sounds very weird but true. Burst out your anger by throwing a few punches at a pillow or yelling out all your agony.

Be organized and remove mental clutter to feel more energized.

Don`t stop talking when you`re stressed out. Have a hearty conversation with your friends and family members. A good conversation filled with love, joy and laughter can be a great stress buster.

Make sure you`re surrounded by a supportive community. Hang out with people who love your feelings and accept you the way you are. Stay way from people demoralize you, gossip, ideal chat and complain a lot.

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