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Accidental Death

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 21 Aug, 2011 CAREER  PERSONAL FINANCE  

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Accidental Death is covered by most of the insurance companies. The person who dies due to accidental death receives the full amount for which he/she is insured. The life of human beings is uncertain. The insurance companies, by virtue of their schemes, are helping the human beings in times of distress.

Life Insurance and Accidental Death:

There are several conditions that the the insurance companies adhere to while disbursing the insured amount.

The insured person cannot receive the insured amount for accidental death due to the following conditions:

The person dies an accidental death during violence of any kind like war, terrorist attack etc.

The insurance facility cannot be availed by persons serving in defense or police.

Accidental death that occurs while committing an anti-social act is not eligible to receive the insured amount.

A person who is not in sound mental state is not eligible for getting the insured amount

Accidental death that occurs during attempt to suicide is not covered under the insurance.

Accidental death that occurs under the influence of psychotropic drugs, alcohol is not covered under the insurance guidelines.

The person, who dies while inhaling noxious gas is not covered under the insurance scheme.
Accidental death, while flying in a private aircraft is not covered under the policy.

The insurance scheme for accidental death benefits a lot of people.
The policy-holder has to pay the premiums to the insurance company. The policy-owner can avail the rebate in income tax by investing in insurance policies.

The insurance companies disburse the insured amount within a short span of time.
Death Certificate is required as an evidence by the insurance companies for disbursing the insured amount.
A lot of insurance companies are providing various lucrative schemes for death due to accident.

The family members of the deceased person should be aware about the various categories of accidental death, that can disqualify them from getting the insured amount.

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