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Hallmark Life Insurance Company Limited

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 20 Aug, 2011 CAREER  PERSONAL FINANCE  

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The Hallmark Life Insurance Company Limited is basically the major issuer of one of the most famous insurance companies in Australia, the GE Money Insurance. As because the Hallmark Life Insurance Company Limited is attached with the name of GE Money Insurance, that`s why this company is getting an extra millage. Here we are providing you detailed information about not only the Hallmark Life Insurance Company Limited but also about the GE Money Insurance.

The GE Money Insurance:

The GE Company first emerged in Australia in the year 1902 and started as a electric motor manufacturing company in the country. Today, the GE Money Insurance is one of the leading revenue incoming branch for the whole GE family. In collaboration with the Hallmark Life Insurance Company Limited, the GE Money Insurance is providing a great deal of innovative and excellent services to its clients. In Australia general people have the notion that true financial service can only be attained through GE Money Insurance.

Policies offers by Hallmark Life Insurance Company Limited:

Injury and sickness Insurance: If you are availing benefits of this scheme then it will help you to get back and maintain your actual lifestyle with a range of 24 months.

Credit Card Insurance: This policy helps you to repay your money to your account at a very convenient rate and by following easy terms and conditions.

Car Insurance: Car insurance is another form of very convenient insurance policies offered by this company. It becomes really easy for you to compare rates of the cars from the wide range of options to avail your business or personal vehicle. If unfortunately some damage has happened to your car then also you can easily get back your compensation.

Life Insurance: The life insurance policies of this company is the best thing that you can apply to your life. In case of death or terminal illness you can be compensated with the best form of benefit.

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