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The marriage countdown

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 10 Mar, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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The marriage countdown

A wedding is hectic, delightful and probably the biggest event of your life, where you are the star attraction. Naturally you want it picture perfect. This is most certainly an event the family wants remembered too, but if they may seem like headless chickens, relax. YOU cannot shoulder responsibility for all the things that need to be done, but you can trust your family to do it right, for you.

You can take charge of yourself completely, of course, which is what we recommend. You cannot be too deeply involved in the entire nitty-gritty of organising, but here is what you can do to get things started the right way.

One month in advance

  • Divide a file into different sections with headings covering EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of what needs to be done. File all information in their respective sections and allot responsibilities to different members of the family. Now keep track of what`s been done and what needs to be done. (Try not to fly off the handle if something has been omitted.)
  • In less than a week`s time from now your clothes should be ready and fittings scheduled with your tailor.
  • Go over the list of invitees to check if there is anyone special, whom you missed out.
  • Shop for shoes, jewellery, and other accessories for the wedding outfit. It may take ages to find that exact shade of a `bindi` that you are looking for.
  • Make sure you are taking good care of yourself and your body. Start using all those bottles of cream that you have bought. Pamper yourself; this is THE occasion girl!
A week before
  • It`s a good idea to instruct the photographer on what photographs you want. No matter how many weddings, he has assured you, that he has covered in the past.
  • Personalised `Thank you` cards on behalf of both the bride and the groom for friends who have been helping, will be a warm and unexpected gesture.
  • Plan a trial hair and makeup session; this is one day you cannot take chances with.
  • Make sure to reconfirm your appointment with your hairdresser for D-day.
  • Your wedding is when you are queen so relax and give yourself beauty treatments all week.
The day before

Plan D-day to the last second. You don`t want to be too disorganised to enjoy the day. This day is likely to be hectic and physically and emotionally exhausting.

  • Your clothes, accessories and jewellery should be laid out in advance, all ready to wear.
  • Plan out the colour and shades of make-up you will be using. Have them all lined up, so your make-up session is a breeze.
  • Ask a friend or a cousin to be your companion through the day. She can help you with clothes, decisions and do any minor tasks you will be too preoccupied to do. Most people will love to be the chosen one.
  • Rest and relax so you will look great for the big day.

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