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Give your wedding the royal touch

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 09 Mar, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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A burst of the exotic-colorful characters, pristine locales, and aromatic foods-always
enhances the mood. Continuing our series on palace wedding venues at Udaipur here are a mention of the remaining ones for a unique wedding.

Trident Hilton ---- Set amidst 43 acres of lush green landscape gardens on the bank of the picturesque pichola lake, the trident is a landmark property in the fabled city of Udaipur. At Trident a different experience is awaiting you. Every furnished room reflects a fine fusion of the ancient and the modern. All rooms are equipped with the best of amenities,
furnished in shades of indigo and gold, offering guests a relaxing ambience to unwind while enjoying magnificent views of landscaped gardens.

Trident Hilton with its beautiful views of the picturesque pichola lake, the tranquil Jag mandir and the surrounding aravali range, makes the best venue for your royal wedding and inspires you to capture the spirit of Udaipur from where you and your guests are bound to leave with beautiful memories.

Devigarh Fort Palace ---------- This 18th century fort palace in the small hamlet of Dilwara commands three main passes into the valley of Udaipur. Erected by the great Maharana Pratap, in recognition of Sajja Singh`s bravery and loyalty towards the king, during the battle against Mughal Emperor Akbar. After years of restoration and reconstruction Devigarh has regained its past glory. Today it is one of the best run all suite boutique hotels in India. Its ambience has an electric mix of skillfully crafted designs, old and new, functional and purely aesthetic. Personalised services complemented by a wide range of modern facilities goes towards making Hotel Devigarh, Udaipur a comfortable and attractive venue for your wedding.

Taj Lake Palace ----- As you turn your head across the bank of the picturesque Pichola lake your eyes confront with the most imposing white marble palace that seems to float miraculously on the still blue waters. This landmark palatial structure in Udaipur is another name of hospitality with a unique regal delight. Set amidst awe-inspiring fairytale lawns with great comfort and princely inspired decor, Taj Lake Palace is perhaps the most romantic palace of the world. Built by Maharana Jagat Singh II, it offers the perfect setting for a royal wedding. Its elegant suites adorned with ornate glasswork, bohemian crystal lights and intricate miniature paintings remain a testimony to courtly love.

These venues in Udaipur makes the perfect setting for a dream wedding amidst the pleasures of a long gone era of prince and princesses... Where carved marble columns, filigreed screens, swimming pools, fountains embrace you with cherished memories.

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