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Signs of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension Signs)

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 17 Sep, 2011 HEALTH  AGING & DISEASES  

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Though hypertension is a very common disease a major proportion of people affected are not aware of it till the time they start developing different problems thus making the disease a slow killer. It is a disorder or a disease in which the blood pressure rises above the normal body levels and the persisted blood raised blood pressure leads to the damage of the organ targeted such as the brain, kidney, blood vessels and heart. Hypertension is even a major reason in causing stroke and also coronary heart disease. Due to hypertension there becomes an increased workload of the heart which sometimes even leads to heart failure. All over the world around one billion people are suffering of hypertension. In Canada a good ratio of the total population around 21% of adults suffer of hypertension while only 57% of this class is aware of their disease. The disease is equally prevailed in United States but the awareness rate over there is higher than any other countries of world. Another strange thing of hypertension is that around 95% of cases the reason is unfamiliar and this category often comes under Primary or Essential Hypertension while in the remaining 5% it is the direct result of another disorder, and it is known as Secondary Hypertension. The proposition is that in the ratio of that 5% after the disorder is treated the hypertension is also cured. There are different signs of high blood pressure some of those are discussed as below:
  • First of all the diets with too much of salt and the indigestion of dietary potassium often cause bad effect on normal blood pressure causing significant change on a persons health generally.
  • Another major cause of being hyper tensed is the obesity which is a major problem especially in the western countries. Usually people with overweight are more prone to have a high blood pressure than those with slim figure. The heart and other vital organs of the body have to work harder which leads to added strain.
  • Too much intake of alcohol also plays a direct role in high blood pressure. In many of the studies it has been found that the higher the level of alcohol consumption the higher the blood pressure is. Some research also clarify that those who drink moderately usually have lower blood pressure in comparison to those who do not drink at all.
  • The other way of checking hypertension is checking the symptom by properly detecting it from doctor which is a painless procedure and every adult should have their blood pressure taken at least on an annual basis. More often if there is a previous history of raised blood pressure or associated illnesses.
  • The local contraceptive pills also cause major problem amongst other things making the blood pressure to rise. Hence it is important that all women should have their blood pressure checked regularly.
In order to collect information further on signs of high blood pressure log on to hypertensionxl.com

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